True Sport Analysis

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Involvement in sports will forever change a young adult’s life. Sports are one of the keys to having success as a growing and developing teenager in this day and age. The positions in this article “True Sport” authored by Travis T. Tygart and M.D. Richard W. Cohen are very positive toward teenager involvement in sports. These authors are very convincing due to their three main points that are focused on in their article, how academic performance improves, physical and psychological benefits of sport for girls, and the great social foundation learned from sports. The authors Travis T. Tygart, Chief Executive Officer and Richard W. Cohen, board Chair of the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency or USADA are very persuasive in their arguments. Sports were …show more content…
This makes sense due to the fact that that certain group of people have young adults and can persuade them to participate in sports at a very young age and on into their teenage years. If you convince the parents then the kids will follow suit, especially at a young age because parents have such an influence on them. So the authors are very smart in targeting that specific audience. Which leads to the evaluation of the context contained in the article “True Sport”. The three main points made are very solid and current viewpoints in today society. When the author talk about each idea they have everyone is backed up by a statistic or study that has been done and in turn makes it a lot more convincing in the long run for that data to be presented in the article. The authors first idea talked about is how playing sports lead to improved academic performance. Studies have shown that the associated physical activity can affect the brain’s physiology by increasing blood flow, oxygenation and cerebral capillary growth. The benefits of that are the teenagers have improved attention spans, faster information processing, storage, and retrieval. Which in turn benefits them academically in school. There is a very unique topic talked about in this article that catches peoples attention and that is the physical and psychological benefits of sport for girls. This is an attention grabber that the authors use very well. They start out with pretty extreme statistics like seventy three percent of women who played sports in high school are more likely to earn a college degree within six years of graduating high school than those who did not play sports. Young women and girls that engage in sports decreases the likely hood of them becoming obese, depressed, illegal drug use, participating in violent groups and most unique of all, decreases the chance of unwanted teen pregnancies. This is because

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