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In “Children Need to play, Not to compete” Jessica statsky is concerned about competitive sports activities of children between age of six and twelve. She argues that it can be physically harmful for growing bodies and children can get acute to chronic injuries. In addition, she also stated that it could be psychologically detrimental for other children who are not been selected. Which make them counterproductive and depressed.
She also suggested that competition can effect child’s development in early age. Therefore, before children are psychologically ready for competition, we should emphasize cooperation and individual performance in team sports than winning. To conclude, she suggested that by just simply changing rules of some sports for early age kids we can teach them life’s other important lessons like fitness, cooperation, sportsmanship, and individual performance. Total words: 132 Response

I find Jessica Statsky’s essay, “Children Need to Play, Not compete,” a valid argument. Sports such as Peewee Football and Little League Baseball are dangerous sports that are played competitively. Here Statsky is talking about children of ages six to twelve, who have to deal with the complications of physical stress and cope with the psychological stress on the field. She also emphasizes the essential learning
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One psychological problem for children who are playing in these sports is the possibility of being emotionally scarred by hurtful comments in the heat of the competition. For example, when a spectator passes an unkind comment about a player’s performance, it can cause discouragement and can affect that player’s performance. The same can happen if a couch or teammate spits an unencouraging comment relating to the child’s in-game performance. At these ages, children lack the maturity and stability to handle these types of comments and can experience

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