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  • Speculative Han-Carlson Adder Case Study

    Abstract—In this paper we have proposed speculative Han-Carlson adder. The proposed adder Employs speculation: the exact mathematic function is replaced with an approximated one that is faster and gives the correct result most of the time, but not for all time. The approximated adder is augmented with an error detection network that asserts an error signal when speculation fails. The speculative adder to reduce delay and power consumption compared to non-speculative adder and simulated using…

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  • Kant's Critique Of Pure Knowledge Essay

    By finding the answers to the metaphysical unanswered questions not in the external concept but rather in analysis of human reason, Kant provides plain restrictions for metaphysical speculation and retain a sagacious, experiential approach to knowledge of the outside world. Although the distinctions are similar to Kant’s a priori–a posteriori distinction and his synthetic–analytic comparison have been made by different thinkers such as…

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  • Hate Crimes: Civil Rights Report

    property motivated in whole or in a part by an offender’s bias against a race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, ethnicity, gender, or gender identity. Hate crimes happen often enough in the society that it has a multitude of myths and speculations. Hate crimes can include single-bias incidents, racial bias, religious bias, sexual-orientation bias, ethnicity/national origin bias, disability bias, and much more. In this paper I shall take into…

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  • Comparing Kant's Theories On Morality And Rationality

    The consequentialism ethical theory speculations are basically right, that we ought to be seeking to make to best out of good. The Kantian thoughts of building quality in a self-government or the cooperative attitude that gives the best results of good. In Kant’s theory is focused on Morality and Rationality, what principles people hold on what is right and wrong. The good behavior versus the bad what type of character people betray when dealing with others. A person who is judgmental of others,…

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  • Essay On Spartak Disappearance

    Her disappearance has been a subject of much speculation. The remains of the entire family, with the exception of Anastasia and her brother Alexei, were found in the Yekaterinburg grave 60 years after their burial. Approximately a decade ago, in a nearby grave were found the two other children's remains…

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  • Freud And Erikson's Ethical Stages Of Sigmund Freud

    Sigmund Freud was conceived in Freiberg, which is presently known as the Czech Republic, on May 6, 1856. Freud created therapy, a technique through which a specialist empties negligent conflicts in light of the free affiliations, dreams and longs for the patient. His theories on tyke sexuality, allure and the internal identity, among various focuses, were unquestionably the most convincing academic thoughts of the twentieth century. (Biography.com Editors. (n.d.)) Erik Erikson (1902–1994)…

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  • Tarsus And Maimonides

    Because of both the difference of intellectual among individuals and sometimes people try to understand things through speculation which based on their opinion, the thing a person or a group of people can understand may not be apprehend by others. Due to the intellectual limitation, “people love and inclination to the thing which they are habitude” which blind people to apprehend…

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  • Feminist Approach To Criminology

    criminologists. They further battled that hypotheses of wrongdoing mulled over guys and as being what is indicated were deficient without the investigation of guiltiness executed by females. achievements of women 's activist criminology incorporate the speculations of pathways to wrongdoing and battered lady disorder, and the making of a division of women 's activist criminology of the American Culture of Criminology (alongside the regarded diary Women 's activist Criminology). However maybe the…

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  • The Possibility Of Self-Destruction In The Film A Murder Spree

    Thesis: Are we capable of self-destruction or is there a reason behind our self-destructive nature? In the film; From Hell, the transition of gothic elements are contained within the film and served as part of the plotline and evidence of this thesis. Throughout the film the notorious and mysterious butcher known only as Jack the ripper is claimed to have been an educated man who was believed to have suffered from an undetermined psychological issue that caused him to enact in murder, however,…

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  • Woman Of Willendorf Analysis

    The Woman of Willendorf and Women’s role in civilizations Throughout history, it seems that the role of women in different civilizations and their significance and duties in day to day life as well as political and social life has taken many twists and turns. This can also be seen in relatively recent history, the way that women are viewed, treated and the way that they even view themselves and their place in the world has changed significantly even in the last several decades. It is…

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