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  • Britney Spears Research Paper

    Disney was Their Open Door Flashback to the ninety’s, when Brittney Spears and Christina Aguilera Starred on The Mickey Mouse Club on Disney channel. For both stars, this was one of their first jobs, opening many doors for the girls. Since Disney, both women have become American Pop Icons. Even though, both stars started from the same place, they both evolved at different times, and took different chances in their musical career. Brittney Jean Spears was born on December 2, 1981 in McComb, Mississippi. However, she was raised in Kentwood, Louisiana. In 1997, she signed with her first record label, Jive Records. As a result, in 1999 she came out with an album called Baby One More Time. In time, she became the best-selling teen artist of all time. For this reason, she was nicknamed, “Princess of Pop”. Rolling Stone wrote: "Britney Spears carries on the classic archetype of the rock & roll teen queen, the dungaree doll, the angel baby who just has to make a scene." A few of her biggest influences in her music, and style were, Madonna, Janet Jackson, and Whitney Houston. She did very similar songs as her biggest influences. Throughout her singing career she has stuck to the same two genres, pop, and pop-dance. Even though her only instrument is her vocals. Her voice has a unique rasp, giving her an extreme amount of talent. Her vocal range…

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  • How Does Homer Use Hoplite Warfare In The Iliad

    essential to the idea of the hoplite. The basics of the panoply include grieves, a helmet, a breastplate, spears, and a sword (Hanson, 2002, pp. 63). Thrusting spears were the primary offensive weapon of combat, averaging about 1.8 to 2.4 meters long and (usually) tipped with an iron, leaf-shaped spearhead (Schwartz, 2009, pp. 81-82). However, the shield, also called the hoplon, is the most defining tool used by the hoplites and was “a rounded, concave piece of wood…and by the fifth century…

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  • Broken Spears Summary

    different accounts which were grouped together and titled Broken Spears. Although both of these historical writings give present-day readers a sense of what the conquest of New Spain might have looked like,…

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  • Vikings Influence On American Culture

    creatures that took them there were Valkyries. Vikings also believed in Norns. Norns chose when each viking and god would die. According to the lore of the vikings, Odin and Thor die at the end of the world. Odin is eaten by a wolf and Thor is killed by a snake. Loki also dies, but he is poisoned by the other gods as revenge to all the jokes and pranks he has played on them. The vikings also believed that they and their gods inhabited different realms, and that they lived in Midgard while the…

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  • Essay On Greek Weapons

    was an efficient, long ranged weapon that could kill an enemy with the pull of the string. The origin of the bow and arrow are prehistoric, bone arrow points dating back to 61,000 years ago have been found at Sibudau Cave in South Africa (Bow 2). The bow served two purposes, a ranged and a hunting weapon both that were really important. Other cultures would use a makeshift crossbow (Bow 4). The Javelin was like a spear but the javelin was made for spearing and close range combat. It was easy…

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  • The Broken Spears Chapter Summary

    The Broken Spears begins with a foreword from J. Jorge Klor de Alva, exposing the reason for the creation and publishing of this book: to shed light on the real history of the natives of the New World, one that displays the grotesque horrors committed against them by the Spanish—though the Spanish are often painted as heroes who conquered all odds . Before the arrival of the Spanish, the Aztec people saw several bad and confusing omens . The Spaniards then arrive . Motecuhzoma sent out gifts to…

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  • The Broken Spears Essay

    Talk in London England, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie remarked that if a people are shown as one thing, over and over again, that is what they become. For centuries the conquest of Mexico and the fall of the Aztec empire has been a single story told through only European accounts. In The Broken Spears Miguel León-Portilla provides an account of the first arrival of European colonizers through a collection of codices authored by indigenous people. Although the validity of these accounts is often…

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  • Spear Phishing Attacks

    According to Ian Karambelas, phishing is “an attempt to obtain user credentials, financial data, or other sensitive information by emulating a legitimate email communication.” But spear phishing is a far greater threat than the phishing email because it is “a type of targeted phishing in which an attacker first researches the target individual or company to increase their chance of success. Because this allows the attacker to appear more trustworthy as a legitimate business entity, users are…

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  • Symbols In Lord Of The Flies Essay

    conch, chief. Ralph “tries to establish and preserve an orderly, rational society; he takes as his totem the conch, making it the symbol of rational, orderly discussion” (Hynes). The first rule set upon the island is that no one, save for Ralph and the holder of the conch, can speak in an assembly. The conch governs the island until a shift in power takes place. The spear has been growing since the discovery of the first pig. It, unlike the conch, has changed physically; it has been given barbs…

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  • Analysis Of Tip Of The Spear

    You know, I know what you think of me... and I couldn 't care less! Goodness. I 'll always make time for you. How can I help? You made an investment with Tip of the Spear. - I 'm interested in getting involved too. - Really? That 's not a problem. Perfect. What do I have to do? You 'll have to set up a meeting with James, the CEO. He 'll point you in the right direction. There you go. Thank you. I 'll call him right away. Just be aware that the share price has overshot since I got…

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