Medieval weapons

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  • Essay On Medieval Weapons

    Medieval Weaponry Information Report What are the types of Maces that were used? The types of Maces and Clubs are, Morningstars, holy water sprinklers, flails, war hammers and the horseman pick. What is a Polearm? What are the types of Polearms? A polearm is a close combat weapon. The fighting part of the weapon is usually on the end of a long wooden pole, this made it hard for the enemy attackers to grab and pull away the weapon. The Polearm could also deal a lot of damage if it landed a direct hit, making it an ideal weapon. The different types of Polearms are, the quarterstaves, spears, winged spears, lances, pikes, corseques, fauchards, glaives, guisarmes, halberds and the danish axes. What types of Siege weapons have been used? Some siege weapons include siege…

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  • Long Range Weapons In Medieval

    There were many weapons in Medieval times, but some of the most effective were long range weapons. There were many types of long range weapons, the most influential were the longbow and the crossbow. Some other long range weapons that were not so effective compared with the crossbow and longbow were slingshots and throwing axes. These weapons may not have been as effective but they were much cheaper and easier to use. How were long range weapons made? Two main weapons dominated in the Medieval…

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  • Medieval Weapons Assignment

    Medieval Weaponry Research Assignment By Kaelen Ruddell 01/04/16 Year 8 SOSE Assignment Semester 1 Term 1 Types of Medieval Swords: 1. Arming Swords 2. Broad Swords 3. Falchions 4. Long Swords 1. Definition of a “Sword”: a weapon with a long metal blade and a hilt with a hand guard, used for thrusting or striking and now typically worn as part of ceremonial dress. 1) Arming Swords: The Arming sword (commonly known as the knight’s sword) is a single hand cruciform sword of the high…

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  • Common Weapons In Medieval Times

    Common weaponry during Medieval Times Clashing swords, flaming ballistae, gleaming armour, all images of battling knights riding in to save the damsel in distress. We all have an image of a knight engrained in our heads. Silver helmets, large sword, shield with an intricate crest emblazoned on it. These were all commonly used in thee times, but there was so much more to medieval weaponry than just a sword and shield. The weapons used were diverse and sophisticated and set a precedent for some…

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  • Crusading Warfare Summary

    When looking at Peter Burkholder’s secondary source “Popular Misconceptions of Medieval Warfare”, the main argument is clearly outlined, stating that “popular entertainment sometimes reflects medieval and military history, historians dismiss this popular media, however they help to clarify the general public’s misunderstandings about medieval warfare.” The thesis statement of this article is developed through the assertion that other popular media sources such as movies and video games, draw…

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  • How Did The Feudal System Affect Society During The Middle Ages?

    and by handling a diversity of weapons. They used to wear an underneath layer of chain mail that “weighed between 20 and 30 pounds…” (The Middle Ages: Knights). Over the mail, they would wear a thick lay of full body armor. Knights carried a long metal sword as their main weapon and a knife, metal axe, hammer or mace as their secondary weapon. For their entertainment, Knights participated in tournaments for jousting. They would ride upon a horse and try to push the other man off his horse with a…

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  • What Are The Causes Of The Middle Ages Dbq

    they had to give part of their crops to the lord. The people never had to leave the village because they had everything they needed there, for example bakers and tailors. The life of the manor was self-sufficient because it provided food, shelter, and clothing for the inhabitants. Another important aspect was that they had fairs and only then did they trade which was very rare. Feudalism played an important role during the middle ages as an economic system that revolved around protection of all…

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  • Essay On Greek Weapons

    Greek Weapons and Armor The Greek armor and weapons were when and where most modern weapons and armor originated from because the Greek were the ones that had created the most primitive method of crafting these weapons and armor. One of the most noticeable items that were brought over into modern times was the sword. The blade of the sword was straight, double-edged, and pointed. (Sword 1) The blade was formed by repeated firing and striking of the metal at red-hot temperatures. The heating of…

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  • Western History: The Middle Ages

    The Middle Ages, referred to as the “Dark Ages,” was an undoubtably an eye opening and brooding time period in Western history. Its issue today is figuring out what aspect was the most compelling and what really is behind some of the social and political traditions today. Events ranging from the Reformation, to the Bubonic Plague, and to the growing amount of intellectuals and nation changing ideas. Many events however need to be put into context as to find out how this period really affected us…

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  • Music During The Middle Ages

    Music is all around the world and people listen to music everyday. Music came from Ancient Greek and music was seen as a gift from God. Music began around 500 B.C. and it lasted for 1000-year period. It was the longest period of music and it was different because there was no centralized government. The Roman Catholic Church had financial gains. The monarchy, kingdoms, and the Roman Catholic Church had power. The main form of music during the Middle Ages was the Gregorian chant named after Pope…

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