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  • Susan Wolf's Theory On Meaningful Life

    doesn’t constitute as fulfillment. If we were to spend the rest of our life chasing endless pleasures, what exactly are we accomplishing here? Is life more than going through the motions and get whatever we can get along the way? By participation in religious organizations or social issues impacting the impact the world, we become a partaker in the upcoming changes in the world. In our search for fulfillment, we usually seek our overall happiness in the experience. As stated before, Wolf concludes that our search for happiness is nothing more than “is a form of hedonism, in that its prescription for the best possible life” (Wolf, 2007). In others words, our search for fulfillment is nothing more than self-indulgence. I remember a time when I was a kid, a relative once ask me what do I want be when I grow up. I told her I wanted to be singer, a world class swimmer, a doctor, and so on. The last time anyone asked me that question, I told them I wanted to be writer. As time I went on, I’m not sure who I want be anymore. My search for fulfillment has nothing to down with self-indulgence; my search for fulfillment involve more how I would make lasting impact on society, something that the world will never forget. Say for example you are meeting with an adviser to pick out your classes for your major. You have already did the research, check the job market, and job prospects. You know that your major is profitable. After complete your first semester, you realize your major…

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  • Intersectionality Reflection

    sudden epiphany I had was not only am I a woman, but how else did I and in what order did I identify myself in? Now the intersectionality is evident to me, the bits and pieces that make up who I am shape the way in how I plan to make a difference. At the last day of instruction you asked about our impression of the class and how we were going to implement what we learned in reaching our future endeavors. I said empowering, the new found knowledge is going to change how I try to not only…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Time Machine

    theory that the details we don 't know about are ones that they chose not to tell us about. Or perhaps they did tell us, in art, or books or even quotes. As a writer and a poet I know that not all quotes can be interpreted the same way. This works the same in Art. Everyone in the past had something to say and they only chose to tell us some of their life with us. We as humans tend to accuse or even judge before we know the whole story. I can not challenge nor judge the past whether it had been…

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  • Beta Leadership Camps Analysis

    was a commander in chief during the revolutionary war, who didn't just watch the battle from the sides, but actively fought for his country and respected it with the utmost intentions. Or, is it just that a leader doesn't have to be extraordinary? Maybe they could simply be average in all aspects and walks of life, but they could outshine those around them by working in their community and striving for a better tomorrow to help the generations to come after them. That is what a Beta club leader…

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  • Conclusion In The Lesson, By Toni Cade Bambara

    As individuals we have an utter compulsion to better ourselves, and the instinctual belief of a better tomorrow. In the short story “The Lesson” by Toni Cade Bambara, protagonist Sylvia and friends are introduced to a new way of living and naïvely forced to perceive the world in a whole new aspect, therefore stripped of what they once knew. Entering this unfamiliar world, they are exposed to what they could only dream of, delighted by their surroundings, Sylvia and her posse could not help but…

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  • Blizzardkit Love Story

    Blizzardstar was born on a snowy leaf-bare day. Lilysong, Blizzardstar's mother, gave birth to two kits that day. They were both named for the weather that leaf-bare, Blizzardkit and Cloudkit. Blizzardkit was born healthy and strong, but Cloudkit died from green-cough soon after being born. Lilysong raised her daughter to be a stone-cold fighter from the moment Blizzardkit was born. Lilysong believed in tough love, and she taught her daughter that her focus needed to be on the wellbeing of the…

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  • Hilton's 'Onc Once On The Ground'

    The adventure begins on a plane, flying over the clouds and the Himalayas. As the passengers admired the view, Eric was thinking about somewhere else. His thought of navigating in 1933 in a beautiful paradise have referred to in James Hilton’s book where he called it Shangri-La, a utopian world separate from us and where only lucky souls can go. Some of these wanted to leave it, but Conway, a character with whom Eric relates and envies, didn’t. Eric Weiner lived in India in the 1990s as he was…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Love Movie Analysis

    Have ever seen the James Bond movies or books before? While watching a movie have you ever thought “I don’t agree with that?” You want to know the opinion on this movie? People have families and live together with happiness. Some people do not have families and live alone because they decided not to get married. Some people around me who does not have families say it is really comfortable being alone, if they have to care about someone else it is too much effort. Also it is uncomfortable. There…

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  • Fresh Off The Boat And Saving Face Analysis

    reacts to them. These stereotypes affect how males and females in Asian culture react when put in a non-Asian environment. “Non-normative” representations of sex and sexuality were displayed in “Better Luck Tomorrow,” “Fresh off the Boat” and “Saving Face.” These texts all portray a different idea and a different way of looking at sexuality and the way it interacts with gender. In “Better Luck Tomorrow,” all the characters were students and they varied from the age of about 17-25. This was…

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  • Jacob's Grandfather: Abe Portman

    When first beginning to read this novel the reader may think that Jacob’s grandfather, Abe, must be utterly insane, but in actuality Abe has been trying to tell his whole family the unbelievably true stories from his past. The reader might also think that Jacob lives an incredibly average life, but this novel never fails to prove the reader wrong. In the beginning of this novel Jacob Portman tells the reader that in his younger years he used to idolize his grandfather, Abe Portman. Abe Portman…

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