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  • Similarities Between Odysseus And Argos

    to take a different path. And live life to the fullest. Theodoor van Thulden was born August 9, 1606. Theodoor is an Antwerp painter, draftsman and print artist who immigrated there from the Northern Netherlands. In 1621-1622 he was a student of the painter, Abraham Blyenbreh in Antwerp. On July 24, 1635 van Thulden gets married to Marla van Balen. Maria is also the godchild to Peter Paul Rubens, which in Theodoor’s line of work Peter Paul Rubens is a huge inspiration and influence. (“Theodoor van Thulden” npg.) In the beginning of his career, the artist was influenced by Mannerism. Thulden is influenced by Peter Paul Rubens, whose style he copies and from whom he derives motifs. In 1639 he is chosen as dean of the Antwerp Saint Luke Guild. He makes etchings after the works of Francesco Primaticcio and Nicoló dell’ Abate in Fontainebleau. 1631-1633 Thulden resides in Paris and paints nineteen canvases regarding the life of Saint John of Martha for the church of the Trinitarians. The etching series Les Travaux d’Ulysse is published in Paris in 1633. In the 1640’s van Thulden makes political allegories for his hometown as well as works of a religious nature. He is asked to paint three canvases for the high altar in 1647. 1648-1651 Van Thulden paints six large allegorical adorations for the House of Orange, along with Jacob Jordaens and other artists from Antwerp. Van Thulden becomes a tutor for Hendrick van (II) Balen in 1655. He explores the portrait genre and makes group…

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  • Peter Paul Rubens Accomplishments

    Peter Paul Rubens was born in Westphalia, Germany and was raised in Antwerp, Germany. Rubens was the sixth child of the family. Father was Jan Rubens and the mother was Maria Pypelinckx. Rubens’s family moved around a lot. When Rubens’s father passed away, Maria moved him and his siblings backed to Antwerp. Rubens was a well-educated man. He attended a Cathedral Latin School. First took his liking into art when he went to study under the Antwerp painters Tobias Verhaet. This was a landscape…

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  • Eugene Delacroix's The Abduction Of Rebecca

    Eugene Delacroix, born on april 26 1798, was a French painter who had a lot of influence on Romanticism. He studied art at age 17 and he was mentored by academic painter , Baron Pierre-Narcisse Guerin. He learned from the romantic Landscapist and used dome of their techniques . Early on in his life, he demonstrated the influence that Michelangelo and Peter Paul Rubens, two excellent artist , had on his painting . Delacroix intensely studied Michelangelo’s modeling of figures and the life (or…

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  • Case Study Of Bubble Post And Blue Gate Antwerp

    Chapter 2: Empirical Research The two cases that will be used in the empirical research, Bubble Post and Blue Gate Antwerp will be analyzed under the following categories:  Background  Characteristics and Operation  Vehicles  Financial Profile  Social benefits and  Concluding remarks. 2.1 BUBBLE POST As aforementioned material that will be used to analyze Bubble Post are from answers to questionnaire attached in the annex of this document and the following links: [1]…

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  • Data On Brussels Stock Exchange From Antwerp 's Scob Database

    Data on Brussels Stock Exchange from Antwerp’s SCOB database were used to investigate if stock returns have any relationship with variables, such as size, beta, dividend yield, and risks. The sample covered periods of 1873 to 1914. Using Fama-MacBeth regression model, the study finds that average stock returns have no relationship with size, risk, and beta, but establishes weak relationship between dividend yield and stock returns. The study finds strong momentum in the sample data. The results…

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  • Peter Paul Rubens: Renaissance And Baroque Artistry

    parents took Peter and his three siblings and moved away from Antwerp, to Netherlands to avoid religious conflicts. After Peter’s Father’s death in 1587, the family moved back to Antwerp. When Peter was young around the age of thirteen, he had a job as a court page, but did not like what he was doing, so he quit to follow his interest in art. In 1610 at the age of 34, Peter married Isabella Brandt. Together, they had one…

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  • Fit Centrum Case Study

    4.2 Research question 2: How is the external environment of Fit Centrum? The objective of this sub research question is to find out the macro environmental factors of Antwerp. It is crucial to gain a clear view of potential customers in Antwerp and the market supply, as they want to know the market demand for their product. The data found is collect by conducting desk research and acquired from secondary resources. 4.2.1 PESTLE Political: The government tries their best to help…

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  • The Spoil Of Authwaite Analysis

    Don Quixote and “The Spoil of Antwerp” “The Spoil of Antwerp” (1575) by George Gascoigne (1535–1577) and Don Quixote (1605) by Miguel de Cervantes (1547–1616) are two pieces of literature from late the 16th century to early 17th century, respectively; that can that have several parallel elements that helped each of them achieve a different purpose for the time and place that they were published. Just like in all literature, the lives of the authors significantly impacted the writings as a…

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  • Battle Of The Bulge Causes

    realized that even though he may not win the war Germany will still would go down fighting and would try to bring down or weaken other countries with him. The major cause of Battle of the Bulge was the German’s desire to capture Antwerp, a Belgium city. The Germans wanted to capture Antwerp to calm down the Western front long enough so they could fortify the Eastern front (Farmer 34). They wanted to calm down the Western front because it took lots of people and effort to handle a two front war.…

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  • Odysseus And Argos

    The scenes in the painting portray a very sad, yet happy moment. The dog “Fawn’d and kiss’d his feet,” he stayed loyal though his master left him behind. Odysseus’s loyal companion remained loyal ,but sadly, not long after he returned, Argos died.The poet uses these detail to portray that people that truly care will be loyal and therefore their masters whenever their return be. “Theodor Van Thulden was an Antwerp painter, draftsman and print artist who immigrated there from the Northern…

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