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  • Sky Searcher Research Paper

    Have you ever wanted to conquer air and land? Well, I have… I have had dreams of flying to places like Paris and then driving a fast car with my friends. With a dual-purpose SUV styled vehicle, I could conquer land plus sea. A vehicle that has the capability to do all of that would be the perfect vehicle for me! My perfect vehicle would be a 2039 Lily Sky Searcher. This vehicle is a large gull-winged fast car that is built like a luxury SUV. My vehicle would be a rose gold chrome finish…

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  • Singapore: Singapore Case Study: Tiger Airways

    Tiger Airways Singapore Pte Ltd Tiger Airways is a leading Singapore-based low-cost carrier, also known as budget airlines. It is established in the 2004 and has been a leading Singapore based budget airline. It offers affordable fares with great customer service, removing unnecessary service costs to achieve the lowest operational costs, and in turn keeping its airfares to passengers low. It has changed the image of taking the plane to be seen as an affordable travel option, instead of being…

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  • Airlines Case Study: Strategic Risks Faced By Airasia

    1. INTRODUCTION Airlines are one of the important means of transport around the world and considered one of the quickest mode of transport in most of the country in the world. “The accident rate for airline travel is lower than for any other mode of transportation, and it continues to decline” (Lane, 2005). However, with incidents like September 11 attack, MH370 and MH17, it shows that accidents do happen and cause a lot of fatalities. “Airlines choose to avoid the financial distress by…

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  • Airasia Case Study

    I. INTRODUCTION a. Objectives and Scope AirAsia is a malaysian low-cost airline. It scheduled domestic and international flights and is Asia’s largest low fare airline. Nowadays, MIS is a significant factor that influence the airlines system. In this article, the writer will focused on the online booking department that generized with the MIS system. AirAsia has currently adopted information technologies strategically to integrate the operations and coordinate to the business and management…

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  • Us Airways Merger Case Study

    American Airlines US Airways Merger Background Information In 1929, Aviation Company initiated taking air couriers and other aviation-associated agencies. In 1930, these diminutive companies got integrated as American Airways. In 1934, it transformed into American Airlines, Inc. Almost all American aviation was launched in 1939, and later on it became US Airways, a courier program for the American Pennsylvania-Ohio territory. In 1978, US governmental officials approved the Air Carrier…

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  • Case Analysis Of Emirates Airlines

    trajectory even in 1990 when the political situation in the region deteriorated with the Iraqi and Kuwait conflict. Over the second decade, the airline expanded its network throughout the Middle East, Asia, Europe and Africa. As the 21st century was beginning though, Emirates remained relatively unknown in the global stage. However, as the global airline industry sought to adapt to the 9/11 reality in late 2001, Emirates sensationally announced a 15 billion order of wide-body aircrafts. Even…

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  • Leo Tanguma's In Peace And Harmony With Nature

    Imagine a plane thirty-six thousand feet in the air about to land in the city of Denver, Colorado. The plane circles the Denver International Airport and the passengers look down at the interestingly shaped runways as the plane is cleared to land. After the smooth landing, the passengers exit the plane to gather their luggage and go about their business in the city. Taking note of the artistic murals on the walls as they walk, passengers move along in a hurry to get where they are going, as they…

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  • Case Study Of Etihad Airways

    of the airline is an advantage since its geographical location is in the UAE, which is considered one of the countries that act as a “crossroad between east and west”. o The airline company has a lot of internationally recognized sponsorships; this provides good branding and visibility. Example: Etihad Airways is the sponsor of Manchester City F.C. and has won many awards such as World’s Leading Airline in 2016. ("Etihad Airways", 2017) o Etihad Airways is considered as a profitable airline…

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  • Indigo Airlines Case Study

    industry is enormously growing day by day. Many airlines operate their functions and services in India among them IndiGo is one the best developing carrier which provides it services on-time based and is very particular with its timing and services. IndiGo is a low cost carrier providing low fares and on-time performance. It provides various services with cheaper fares when compared to the other airlines. IndiGo provides low fares, as the airline tries to minimize its cost factors and…

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  • Armed Airline Pilots

    Tyler Stembridge Steve Stewart English 1101 November 17, 2016 Is There a Need in This World for Armed Airline Pilots or Not? In today’s world, most people have vivid and detailed thoughts when it comes to the dangers of flying on commercial airlines. The events of 9/11 will continue to flow through the minds of people for eternity. A great debate has begun in regards to the airline pilots being allowed to carry weapons on board the aircraft in which they control. Questions…

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