Air Arabia Case Study

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• Introduction

Air Arabia is a low-cost airline, which is, based in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, with its head office in the Sharjah Freight Center, Sharjah International Airport. Air Arabia is known in the UAE as one of the low-cost airlines. At first the company started operating 28 different destinations around the world, but now it flies to 89 destinations with a fleet size of 35 planes. It was the first low-fare organization in the Middle East started on the 3rd of February in 2003. The airline had its first flight on the 28th Of October 2003 from Sharjah to Al Bahrain. The company offers almost 40% less price than the other airlines, which helps them gaining much more customers. In 2008, the company had some political
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That could be diving the market on root of continents, countries and cities. Air Arabia signed joint ventures with different airlines in different countries to develop, grow and hold the strength of the airline position. The joint ventures involved Air Arabia Morocco, Air Arabia Jordan, Air Arabia Egypt and Fly Yeti, which show that the hubs are in 4 different countries; this strategy helps business workers and frequently travelers to fly efficiently from country to other without paying to much …show more content…
Air Arabia is always looking for the best products and services that satisfy the customers’ needs. Besides, that will help them growing and developing due it’s a small organization. The airline not only provides air transportation to passengers, but also it provides cargo services with a set mission to remain the most innovative, the most creative, and the most secure in order to provide customers with best practices, best services and best tools for cargo business. Though the airline has a small fleet size, it always try to cover it by having more frequent flights to many different destinations, which other large well-known competitor airlines don’t operate, and be busy in planning and searching for long distance and big countries and continent to operate flights to. Beside, Air Arabia Passenger reviews of Economy Class cabin seat comfort for long, medium, or short haul flights, and that is rare, you can’t find an airline, which provide comfortable seats on the Economy Class cabin. This is beneficial to Air Arabia. Also, customers’ won’t be bothered buying Business Class seat just to be comfort thru the flying time from other airlines, but having a comfy seat on the Economy Class cabin with nearly same services is better than have too much money

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