Singapore Airline Swot Analysis

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1.0 Introduction

Singapore Airlines (SIA) is a widely known airline in the world. According to world ranking 2014, SIA was ranked as second best airline. It has been in this airline industry for 43 years, a long period for a baby boy to grow into an adult man and it shown how well-experienced is Singapore Airline.

A drive for Singapore Airline is keeping the right objectives all the time – customer satisfaction. With customer satisfaction grow, SIA gain more loyal customers and allows it be a solid mark in the market. SIA treat customer satisfaction as their backbone, it drives and motivate Singapore Airline to provide best flight experiences for their loyal customers.

2.0 SWOT Analysis
SWOT analysis is a leads to identify the strengths,
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So, people will choose budget airline instead. Besides, fuels cost is increasing and it will cause the airline fares increased.
Other than that, competitor for high class traffic leadership is increased. Recent year, many airlines are introduced some similar business class products to closer up with Singapore Airline’ products.
3.0 4 Function of Management
In a business organization, managers classified their core activity into four different functions which is planning, organizing, leading and controlling.
3.1 Planning
First step in the function of management is planning. Managers use this step to make decision for planning future goals and action plan aimed in the organization. Planning process identifies the target to be achieved, develop strategies to achieve the target, arrangement for the allocation of resources needed and monitor the step of sequence by implement
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Leadership is the process in influence the other to achieve the goals. I think that Singapore Airline should approach autocratic leadership style as who make decision to what goals to be achieve and announces to the group and direct the subordinates work toward together. Singapore Airline should have charismatic leader as who will lead toward to the success organization. Charismatic leader who a person is self-confident, convinced of the moral righteousness in his or her belief, to motivate and influence the followers.
In behavioral theories, I think Singapore Airline is approaching country club management. Country club management is leads to a comfortable, friendly work place for every employee by maintaining the satisfaction relationship. In SIA, variety of nationalities are working together, to ensure harmony between the employees, the organization need to make them feel belongs to the community and understand the mutual goals between each other.

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