Swot Analysis Of National Express

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National Express Group PLC is a company registered in England and Wales, whose registered office is National Express House, Birmingham Coach Station, Mill Lane, Digbeth Birmingham, B5 6DD.
National Express Group is a leading public transport operator with bus, coach and rail services in the UK, Continental Europe, North Africa, North America and the Middle East. National express has more than 250 vehicles, covering around 84 million miles to reach nearly 1000 destinations across the mentioned nationalities, it also provides regular, scheduled coaches services.
Its ALSD brand is also Spain’s leading operator of coach and buss services. It also provides the iconic yellow busses for students across the US and Canada and there are also rail and
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By serving our customers with operational excellence, we can create profit and cash, thereby generating shareholder value. The cash we generate is used to fund investment in the business, which drives further growth enabling us to better serve our customers and to create new and skilled jobs.
Allied to this, our core values of excellence, safety, customers, people and community guide us as to how we operate.
Transporting record 921 million passengers in 2016
By understanding and meeting the needs of our customers in our local markets, we strive to deliver high levels of customer satisfaction and encourage more passengers to use our services
With operational excellence
Not only do our customers require high performing transport services, but they also need high levels of safety. At National Express, safety is our highest priority in whatever we do across the business and is a key tenet of our core values. Operational excellence also helps to drive sustainable growth for the Group through building customer loyalty and winning new business in our existing markets, and opening new markets such as the German rail market and the urban bus market in Bahrain. The quality of our employees, is integral to the provision of high safety and operational standards with continual training and focus on excellence at the core of our
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Shareholder value
Through our robust and sustainable business model we aim to deliver shareholder value through higher returns with growth in dividends supported by growth in earnings and strong cash flows.
Creating jobs; Through our strong and sustainable cash flows, we can fund further growth in our businesses, which in turn creates new and skilled jobs, helping the local communities in which we serve and providing good career prospects for our employees.
Funding investment
Our strong cash flow generation enables us to fund investment across the business with the provision of new fleet, technologies and services, driving improvements for our customers and encouraging further growth in passenger demand. Driving growth
We also use our strong cash generation to invest in new business opportunities, which drives further growth in our core markets as well as developing our position in our new markets, such as Germany and the Middle

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