Hard And Soft Technology's Role In The Airline Industry

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Airline industries are on the cutting edge of human accomplishment. Just over a century ago the act of flight was something humans only conceptualized, moreover imagined what soaring through the air by way of a mechanical invention felt like. Technologies both hard and soft evolved with the invention of aircraft flight. Rapid expansion in the world’s technologies allowed for the act of flight to be possible in a relatively short time span of human history. Hard and soft technologies alike have fostered this development of growth for companies such as US Airways. Despite the lackluster performance in the latter half of US Airways history, it is possible to analyze how these soft as well as hard technologies played a role in the company’s current path. …show more content…
Without divulging onto the path of computers or software’s role in hard and soft tech, the focus is channeled more on the processes as well as human feedback in the company. Parallel to the successful software companies which share a technological front much with air travel, according to Jin in the Global Technological Change report of 2010 “more often than not, there are more ‘soft-tech’ experts rather than ‘hard-tech’ experts” (Jin,

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