Social Penetration Theory

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  • The Theory Of Social Penetration Theory

    Abstract This paper explores two published sources that report on a form interpersonal communication known as the Theory of Social Penetration. This paper focuses on my own interpretation of the Social Penetration Theory, and analyzes a personal experience that applies to the theory. In chapter six Trenholm (2011) discusses the key ideas of interpersonal communication. Yea-Wen & Nakazawa (2012) examine how multicultural backgrounds affect the levels of friendships, types of friendships, and how they both support the Social Penetration Theory. This paper examines Trenholm (2011) book chapter six, in relation to Yea-Wen & Nakazawa (2012) to prove my own personal experience to be an example of the Social Penetration Theory. Interpersonal communication refers to the interaction that is exchanged between two individuals. This type of communication…

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  • Social Penetration Theory Research Paper

    Social Penetration Theory Intimacy and self-disclosure are two concepts that are closely related as mentioned in the Social Penetration Theory. The theory states that as relationships develop over time, they penetrate deeper and deeper into private and personal matters, exposing vulnerability, thus trust must be developed along the way. According to this research journal made in 2012 titled “Self-Disclosure Among Bloggers: Re-Examination of Social Penetration Theory” by Tang…

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  • Relations S Theory, Johari's Window, Social Penetration Theory

    The targeted questions purpose were to find the foundation of the relationship by using relationship theories such as Knapp’s Theory, Johari’s Window, Social Penetration Theory, and Dialectic Theory. The religious background was examined as well as their common interests. Despite the relationship being no more profound than their religious beliefs it has demonstrated to be a solid, healthy relationship. The participants were my parents, Martin and Chamine McDowell. The methods I used were…

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  • Social Penetration Theory

    breadth; the variance depends on the stage of social penetration the relationship is in. According to the Social Penetration Theory, which is based on the research of Irwin Altman and Dalmas Taylor, relationships advance from non-intimate to intimate through several stages (West & Turner, 2010). In order for relationships to successfully progress from one stage to the next, individuals must be able to self-disclose, or reveal information about themselves.…

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  • Taylor's Social Penetration Theory

    satisfy the social need, and it is a driving force in our life. There are reports stating that the quality of the life are determined by the amount of quality interpersonal relationships that are developed within an individual’s life (Campbell, 1980). In the psychology field, any individual that develops good relationships are prone to live longer with less physical and psychological illness, thus maintaining a better satisfaction in their everyday life (Duck, 1981). Within every relationship,…

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  • Social Penetration Theory Analysis

    males do. Usually males like to keep things to themselves and they like to give off the masculine persona. This study also shows that younger people tend to be more open. When you are young, you tend to have friends that you tell everything to. You also spend a lot of time online, and we see how teenagers feel comfortable talking to people that they don’t know over the internet. They find it easier to talk to these people since it gives them a nonjudgmental feeling. The information that the…

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  • Social Penetration Theory Paper

    Christian Romantic Relational Development among Post-Undergraduate Students: Understanding the Effect of the Social Penetration Theory Introduction Context This research proposal will analyze and explain how the Social Penetration Theory (SPT) manifests itself in the lives of Christian romantic relationships after college. This proposal, focusing on male and female relationships between the ages of 22-30, will exclusively consider Christians who finished their undergraduate education at…

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  • Social Penetration Theory Of Relationships

    A relationship is described as, “the way in which two or more people or things are connected”. (Merriam-Webster) This means in order to have a successful relationship there needs to be a strong connection between the two parties. This can refer to various types for example friendships, family, and/or romantic relationships. The romantic relationship is one of the more intimate of the versions of relationships. That is also specifically one relationship that I have experienced and still am…

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  • Symbolic Interactionism And Social Penetration Theory

    Communication is an important part of our every day lives. To be successful, it is often important that we understand how to properly communicate. With this paper, I will discuss to specific theories of communication, Symbolic Interactionism and Social Penetration Theory. Symbolic Interactionism is a theory of communication by George Mead. The basic premise is that words and the meaning placed on words by us, and by our peers in social interactions, form who we are and how we behave. Griffin,…

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  • Essay On Social Penetration Theory

    We say what we don’t like that is happening and we adjust to it. We’re comfortable around each other; we find solutions, understand each other, and are not afraid to say what is on our minds. The social penetration theory reflects on our layers of disclosure. It “describes how self-disclosure changes as people develop relationships” (Guerrero 133) and it is also known as the onion theory. In our beginning stages, we were on the superficial layer and didn’t know how to approach each other. It…

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