Schizoaffective disorder

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  • Schizoaffective Disorder

    LL is diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder bipolar type. In this disorder, people have schizophrenic behaviors, but most of the symptoms reflect a mood disorder. There are multiple facets of the diagnosis of this disorder. First, the patient must have at least one of the three main characteristics of schizophrenia: Delusions, Hallucinations, Disorganized speech. These can be present for a period of time with the mania of bipolar disorder. Mania in bipolar disorder is characterized by feelings of euphoria, irritable mood, grandiosity, decreased need for sleep, pressured speech, racing thoughts, increased risky behavior, distractibility, and increased goal-directed activity. The symptoms of bipolar are usually present for a majority of the…

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  • Schizoaffective Disorder Case Study Essay

    Schizoaffective disorder involves the characteristics of schizophrenia and mood disorders. Diagnosing schizoaffective disorder includes assessing a patient’s history and current symptoms. Amy, a 25-year-old mixed Asian and Caucasian woman is the focus of the case study. Misdiagnosis can include bipolar or schizophrenia, proper assessment of both history and current symptoms are necessary for correct diagnosis. Treatment of schizoaffective disorder consists of medications, psychotherapy,…

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  • Misunderstanding Mental Illnesses

    To this day there is still a huge misunderstanding of mental illnesses and how individuals experiencing symptoms are affected. Many people associate disorders with certain aspects, such as the ups and downs of bipolar disorder or schizophrenia, only due to mainstream media such as the news and television. These mental illnesses manifest themselves differently in each individual with the given disorder. Society needs to work on better understanding the true symptoms of an individual with these…

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  • How Does Schizophrenia Affect Society

    Schizophrenia in society The general public have the fear of the ‘crazies’ breaking out of the psychiatric hospital, or the fear of encountering one of these mentally ill humans on the street. Is this fear justified? No. Due to the media portraying these human beings as mindless animals there is a view on them as ‘violent psycho’s who all need to be locked up’. Although there have been a number of high profile cases where people diagnosed with schizophrenia have committed serious crimes, the…

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  • Cause Of Schizophrenia Essay

    Do you know someone who suffers from schizophrenia? If you answered this question with, “yes” then you may know a lot about what I am about to tell you. If you answered, “no” than this essay can benefit you by informing you about the cause and treatments for schizophrenia. It will also give you statistical facts and impact that schizophrenia can have one a person. Schizophrenia is a brain disease where a person lacks the ability to think normally and may see illusions. The 1930s were…

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  • Mental Illness In The Glass Castle Essay

    Every case is unique and comes with its own set of causes, side effects, and remedies. It is always important to be accepting of those who struggle with psychological illness. Whether it is their fault for developing the case or not, they don’t deserve to be ridiculed for their handicap. It’s also important to do everything possible to save someone from their illness. Nobody should be so burdened by a mental case that they feel the need to end their life. Despite Rosemary Walls’ bipolar…

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  • Living With Schizophrenia In The Quiet Room By Lori Schiller

    She suffered from a mental condition called schizo-affective disorder also known as schizophrenia, which caused her to hear non-existent voices in her head consequently always drove her to suicidal tendencies. The schizophrenia started in 1976 when Lori was 17 years old during the summer before her senior year of high school. The depression symptom began during the period she became obsessed with a boy at her school. She started to imagine dark thought over the young boy. She began to hear…

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  • The Untreated Schizophrenic

    Many families find themselves being divided or split in how they cope with the burden of the disorder. Some people blame other people, things, or powers, while some people are shameful of their disorder or their family members disorder. The uncertainty of how schizophrenia is caused leads to increased frustration about the disorder (Helping a person with schizophrenia). I can only imagine how many times a family of schizophrenic as well as the diagnosed themselves think “Why me?” It is often…

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  • Preterm Birth Summary

    was this research article obtained? The name of the article is “Maternal psychiatric disorders and risk of preterm birth.” The research article was obtained from a journal called Annals of Epidemiology. What are the problem and the purpose of the study? The problem and purpose of the study are to identify if mothers with a psychotic disorder are at increased risk to have preterm births. What type of research method is used? The research method utilized was quantitative…

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  • Mental Health And Crime Research Paper

    sexually or physically abused. Many mentally ill also report a history or are currently struggling with substance dependency or abuse (James et. al). In all her years of work in the mental health and corrections facilities nurse Bell- Walsh believes that in order to best help the inmates one has to find what works best for that particular person. Every mentally ill inmate has a different set of issues at the very core of their disorder. It can be a struggle because many inmates, especially those…

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