Misunderstanding Mental Illnesses

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To this day there is still a huge misunderstanding of mental illnesses and how individuals experiencing symptoms are affected. Many people associate disorders with certain aspects, such as the ups and downs of bipolar disorder or schizophrenia, only due to mainstream media such as the news and television. These mental illnesses manifest themselves differently in each individual with the given disorder. Society needs to work on better understanding the true symptoms of an individual with these mental illnesses. As time progresses, mental illness has been brought into the mainstream and as such should be better understood by the public.
Often times society pictures individuals with a mental illness as someone who’s imagination has gone wild along
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Furthermore, nowadays is a better understanding that bipolar disorder can occur in children with children often showing more manic cycles than mood swings (Hughes 49-50). While treatment has progressed over time, educating the public on what symptoms of bipolar disorder look like and how to deal with it has not as much. In order for individuals with bipolar disorder to be able to live a life free of judgment, the public needs to be educated. Today libraries possess books with alternative treatment ideas for individuals with mental illness, and one question that is raised is whether this type of information should be available to individuals with mental illness who clearly need treatment that is most efficient (Hughes 49-50). The issue isn’t whether or not the information is valid, but rather how all the different treatment styles might conflict with one another. Having someone self-educate themselves on what treatment is best for their situation is likely not as good as hearing it from a medical professional. Additionally, another issue is what treatment style is the best for an individual with mental illness, whether it be medication or therapy as some examples. Another question that is brought up via the accessibility of this information is should all options be available to the mentally ill, regardless of the proven effectiveness of each treatment. This type of issue is one reason that educating the public on the best way to deal with mental illness, as a whole, is essential. If done so the public would be able to understand and help seek treatment if someone in their own family displayed symptoms at the very least. Beyond this problem, society at the very least should be knowledgeable about what people around

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