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  • American Revolution Influential Events

    Influential Events of the American Revolution There were many important and influential events that stoked the flames of revolution before the battles of Lexington and Concord. These include events such as the Intolerable Acts, the Boston Tea Party, and many more. Though all these events were important, none were as important as the Boston Massacre on March 5th, 1770. On that night, British soldiers opened fired on a mob of protesting colonials, killing three and wounding eight. This violent…

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  • Were The American Colonists Justified Dbq Analysis

    The American colonists’ actions towards Britain were justified. The British habit of forcefully imposing taxes upon the colonists without their permission was unfair and contributed to the justification of the colonists’ actions. For example, the Stamp Act was levied upon a multitude of paper products used in everyday life and was considered “a very burdensome and … unconstitutional tax” (Doc 10) by the colonists. This tax caused some of the first sparks of American resentment towards Britain…

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  • Thomas Paine's Argument For Independence

    Thomas Paine claims in Common Sense in that the most powerful argument for Independence from Great Britain is, only a government that is located on the continent can maintain peace. His most important reason for this conclusion is that internal revolt is likely to continue to occur, and that this fate is far worse than war with Great Britain. The argument will be analysed through the five major pieces of inductive evidence Paine uses; First, those who have been harmed by Great Britain are many,…

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  • Do Or Die Dbq

    Due to the burdens of taxes and families to support the colonist were helpless and enraged by their government’s decisions. The only method to stop such conflicts the colonist were left with no other option but to rebel and object. This had been a catastrophe, involving all colonies plus England. The mess was caused by the government, who wanted to benefit from the taxes in order to pay off the debts of the French and Indian war. This resulted in the colonist getting mad and decided to boycott…

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  • Comparison Of The Boston Tea Party And The Boston Massacre

    During March, May, and June of 1774 the five Intolerable Acts were passed by the British parliament. The Boston Tea Party and the Boston Massacre led to these new laws. The first act, Boston Port Act was passed on March 31, 1774. With this new law, the ports in Boston were closed. Once all the ruined tea was paid for the ports would open, but until then the ports stayed closed. Closing the ports caused more of an outrage among the colonies. To insure that no one traveled through the ports armed…

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  • Causes Of The French And Indian War Essay

    The French and Indian War was caused by land disputes between the British colonists and the French over the Ohio River Valley region. The French and British were both claiming the same territory as their own. After Britain’s victory, a policy they enforced prior to the war called salutary neglect, which avoided strict enforcement of parliamentary laws to keep American colonies obedient to Great Britain, ended. However, following the war, the British began heavily taxing the colonists because of…

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  • Colonists Loyalty To Britain

    Colonists abandon loyalty to Britain The colonists abandoned their loyalty to the king because of the wrong treatment they received. The colonies believed the acts with taxation were unfair because their own legislation had the authority to tax them. Because of the Boston Tea Party, which was where the British dumped out tea as a way of protesting in Boston, the British government became furious at the colonists. The colonial leaders wanted to defend their self government and liberty. The…

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  • Colonists Arguments During The Revolutionary War

    During the 1760s and 1770s Britain and its colonies had big disagreements. Some colonists felt they should rebel against the British because of things such as the unfair taxation without representation in Parliament. Other colonists thought they should remain loyal to Britain because the British Army and Navy protected them from any threats. Although the colonists that felt they shouldn’t fight had some good points, the colonists that wanted to fight held a better argument. Colonists who…

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  • Stamp Act Resolutions

    The conflict between Great Britain and her colonies in America was caused by many things. Some of the issues that caused this great conflict was rooted economically. One of the most known economically bases conflicts during the American Revolution was the Stamp Act of 1765. Parliament passed this act which would mandate that any paper product, such as; stamps, playing cards, and marriage certificates, all had to have an official British stamp on them. The colonists were outraged by this new…

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  • Boston Massacre: Cause Of The Revolutionary War

    Boston Massacre During this period of time, a big event happen in history that caused many emotions and tensions between the British soldiers and the civilians. The Boston Massacre played a very important role as The Revolutionary War in American History. The civilians feared for their lives but also for there colonies. The civilians were tired of all the rules and taxes they had to follow but also feeling that they were getting stepped on. They would start protesting and wanted to be free…

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