Compare And Contrast French And Indian War

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French and Indian War A war between the French and Indians v. the British and Indians. The beginning of The French and Indian War started when the British began moving into the Ohio River valley for beaver fur in 1750. The French and Indian war began the French attacked Fort Necessity and George Washington surrendered. By 1759, British had a hold over 9 French forts. The turning point of the war was the battle of Quebec. The war ended in 1763, Britain had won.
Proclamation of 1763 After The French and Indian war colonists began moving west in the Appalachians. However, they did not give Native Americans promised supplies so they responded with attacking the British. The British government saw that defending the western lands would
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It would also have the British East India Company control over the American tea trade. Tea would arrive in the company’s ships and be sold by their merchants. Colonists who bought smuggled tea would have to pay a tax now. Colonists and merchants were enraged by this.
Intolerable Acts After the Boston Tea Party which enraged Britain. The Parliament passed the Intolerable Acts in 1774. These were series of laws which punished the Massachusetts colony and be a warning to others. One act closed the port of Boston until the colonists payed for the destroyed tea.

Boston Massacre A battle between British soldiers and Boston colonists in 1770. Five of the colonists including Crispus Attucks were killed.
Boston Tea Party On December 1773 a group of men disguised as Native Americans boarded three tea ships that were docked in Boston. That night they destroyed 342 chests of tea. This act was to prove to Britain how strongly they opposed taxation without representation.
Tar and Feathering of the Stamp Man
King George III King of England and British monarch.
Supported the colonists break from England. Loyalists Supported Britain and staying with Britain than breaking away from

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