DBQ: The French And Indian War

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The French and Indian war was a time when Britain and France had colonies in North America. The war started in 1754 and ended in 1763, it all started when the British wanted to settle in the Ohio River Valley because they wanted to trade with the Native Americans that lived there. While the French was also trading with indians, to protect their trade they built forts. George washington lead an army against the french, and he lost the battle. Then Britain declared war on France, and the war was named the French and Indian war for the control of the valley. The French and Indian war altered the Britain and American colonies in a political way because Britain took control of the whole eastern coastline and because they abandoned the policy of Salutary Neglect, it affected economically because Britain raised its taxes on the colonies, and ideologically because the raisings …show more content…
The ideological view toward the english during the war started changing. The colonies felt resentment toward Britain because of all the taxation and money they were forced to pay. Also a lot of people share different beliefs on the relation between the english and the colonies. Document 5 states the celebration of Thomas Barnard when the French and Indian war was over, he finally felt freedom. Document 4 is a primary source written by an english soldier man, he states that he doesn’t feel free during the french and indian war.
In conclusion, the french and indian indian war affected the Britain and American colonies since Britain took control over the rest of the colonies making them have power over all the eastern region. It affected economically since it increased the tax and the colonists weren’t happy with that nor they agreed with it. And it affected ideologically because it created hate and indignation toward the Britain

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