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  • Differences Of The Boston Massacre And The Kent State University Shootings

    Takisha Garnett History 1301 Enrichment Paper There is a great likeness between the Boston massacre and the Kent State university shootings.Both display an iconic contribution to our American History. One was based on morality and the other was based on monetary benefits, can you decipher between the two? In 1770 The Boston Massacre shooting occurred between the American colony and the British colony. Now, in 1970 the shootings of Kent State University happened which was not the same act nor…

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  • Causes Of Ignorance Protest And Rebellion

    Jake Bovard Dr. Smith HIST 1611 18 October, 2017 Ignorance, Protest, and Rebellion Snowball Colonial disregard of British legislation began with the Navigation Acts, a series of pieces of legislation that sought to keep the colonies from trading with anyone who wasn’t the British mainland. The passage of these acts directly caused more than one war between the Dutch and the English, leaving a very sparse fleet to actually enforce those acts. That lack of real coverage to directly enforce the…

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  • Examples Of Systemic Injustice

    Asia Ansari Barbara Worthington English 1A 8 November 2017 The Systemic Injustice “We must not allow ourselves to become like the system we oppose”- Archbishop Desmond Tutu. This quote reminds me of the history between the United States and Great Britain, and when the United States still existed as small colonies controlled by the British empire. How Great Britain made the U.S. colonies socially inferior, didn’t accept their religion belief, and used the colonies’ wealth for their own…

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  • Why Did Phillip Lose The Spanish Armada

    Other factors that could have caused the defeat of the Spanish Armada besides the Protestant wind involves looking at events that took place before and during the invasion. The ultimate responsibility for launching, devising and failing the overthrow of the Protestant English regime was placed on King Philip II. After the disappointing failure in his launch of the Spanish Armada, people back at home blamed him for disregarding professional advice given to him by his captains. Professional…

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  • American Revolution DBQ Essay

    When the United States had their backs on the wall, they depended on military protection to keep them from falling apart. Some say the American Revolution would be unsuccessful without the great leaders. Leaders have all the fame, but those young patriotic kids are forgotten. The leaders themselves could not do anything without committed soldiers. These brave men chose to protect their country, even though they had no experience with war-like encounters. Without them, who knows if there would be…

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  • Political And Social Effects Of The American Revolution

    the Second Continental Congress (“American Revolution”). On April 19, 1775, British servicemen advanced to Lexington and Concord by the British Monarchies orders. They had been sent to arrest revolutionary minutemen commanders John Hancock and Sam Adams. They were also instructed to seize American arms and gunpowder. Minutemen were being instructed by the Massachusetts Patriots and earned their name because it was said they could be ready for battle in a minute. 70 minutemen waited at Lexington…

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  • History Of The Treaty Of Paris

    The Treaty of Paris was signed inn February 1763. Britain had taken control of many important French colonies around the world. Britain 's military success created massive challenges. Their national debt had doubled during the war. The cost of maintaining British soldiers in the colonies was staggering. A historian has call this an "arrogant triumphalism" which them to ultimately lose their control over the Indians and the colonists in North America. The Royal Proclamation of 1763 was signed…

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  • American Revolution Influential Events

    Influential Events of the American Revolution There were many important and influential events that stoked the flames of revolution before the battles of Lexington and Concord. These include events such as the Intolerable Acts, the Boston Tea Party, and many more. Though all these events were important, none were as important as the Boston Massacre on March 5th, 1770. On that night, British soldiers opened fired on a mob of protesting colonials, killing three and wounding eight. This violent…

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  • Were The American Colonists Justified Dbq Analysis

    The American colonists’ actions towards Britain were justified. The British habit of forcefully imposing taxes upon the colonists without their permission was unfair and contributed to the justification of the colonists’ actions. For example, the Stamp Act was levied upon a multitude of paper products used in everyday life and was considered “a very burdensome and … unconstitutional tax” (Doc 10) by the colonists. This tax caused some of the first sparks of American resentment towards Britain…

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  • Thomas Paine's Argument For Independence

    Thomas Paine claims in Common Sense in that the most powerful argument for Independence from Great Britain is, only a government that is located on the continent can maintain peace. His most important reason for this conclusion is that internal revolt is likely to continue to occur, and that this fate is far worse than war with Great Britain. The argument will be analysed through the five major pieces of inductive evidence Paine uses; First, those who have been harmed by Great Britain are many,…

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