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  • Petition Of The Noble Analysis

    I will be discussing ‘The Petition of the Nobles’ and the ‘Defense of William of Orange’. ‘The Petition of the Nobles’ was brought forth by a group of nobles who objected the laws against Protestantism and the unjust sentences passed down upon them by Phillip the King of Spain. The ‘Defense of William of Orange’ was written by William after Phillip II called for his elimination by assassination in ‘The Proscription of William the Silent’ (March 1580) due to his role in being the leader in the…

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  • Reasons For Lower Canadian Rebellion

    Canada was considered a promised land; filled with fertile soil and new beginnings. Although there are many disputes about the rebellion in 1837. The rebellions that Upper Canada and Lower Canada had were justified. Upper Canada had an outdated colonial system government, land grievances and transportation problems. However Lower Canada was experiencing the termination of the French culture, land problems and lack of power within the community. Although both colonies had reasonable reasons for…

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  • How Did The American Revolution Affect The Cost Of The French And Indian War?

    The outstanding overall British victory in the French and Indian War is considered to have had a lasting impact on the whole of the British Empire, resulting in the further expansion of the British territory within the New World, modern day America. In spite of the victory, it is realized the overall cost of the war greatly increased Great Britain’s growing debt crisis. All in all, it is realized that the minuscule military and financial help that the English leaders received from the colonists…

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  • Comparison Of Robert Gross's 'The Minutemen And Their World'

    The Minutemen Essay The Minutemen and Their World is a book written by Robert Gross describing the town of Concord and the lives of Concordians before, during and after the American Revolution. Concord is a town in the west belongs to Middlesex county of Massachusetts. It was considered together with its neighbor Lexington to be the first locations where the confrontation between the British and the colonists took place. Like many other town, Concord was a distant subject of the English…

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  • How Did The Americans Contribute To The Mexican Rebellion

    Texas was still under Mexican governance in 1835. It was still part of the Mexican state of Coahuila. For a brief time, the settlers provisioned by the United States cohabited the land peacefully with the Mexican government. Conflict began when Mexican authorities began to increasingly intervene in the affairs of the American settlers. In 1826, a brief and unsuccessful rebellion started by two American brothers, known as the Fredonian Rebellion, caused the Mexican government to ban the…

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  • What Caused The Boston Massacre

    On March 5 1770, a famous event occurred called The Boston Massacre. English soldiers were sent to the United States to “maintain order”, which was an underlying problem for the Bostonians.The Boston Massacre was a tragic event that eventually led to the American Revolution. Overall, the problems that led up to The Boston Massacre were rooted in the colonial resentment that the Bostonians had for the English parliament. Many people who lived in Boston had “bad feelings” about the english…

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  • The Coercive Acts: The Boston Tea Party

    Upset by the Boston Tea Party and other blatant acts of destruction of British property by American colonists, the British Parliament enacts the Coercive Acts, to the outrage of American Patriots, on this day in 1774. The Coercive Acts were a series of four acts established by the British government. The aim of the legislation was to restore order in Massachusetts and punish Bostonians for their Tea Party, in which members of the revolutionary-minded Sons of Liberty boarded three British tea…

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  • How Did Patrick Henry Contribute To Independence

    In the voice of Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, "left all of us far behind.... He gave the first impulse to the ball of Revolution.... He was the idol of the country beyond anyone that ever lived,” (Moss 127). Patrick Henry was a crucial factor in freeing the colonies from British administration. Started from the year 1765 through 1775, he had produced a string of speeches and disputes with the British Parliament in which he won, slowly edging out Britain. Their significance to the colonies…

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  • Boston Tea Tax Essay

    Great Britain placed tariffs on the United States that will play a big role in history. The sugar act was a tax/tariff placed on the United States and colonists by the British to raise revenue(The American Revenue Act of 1764). The sugar act was a tax places on sugar, and molasses. The colonist were angry about the sugar act mostly due to economic consequences which made prices 3 cents (The American Revenue Act of 1764s ). This is one of the many taxes that will go on during this period. The…

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  • How Did The Declaration Of Independence Influence Constitution

    My Title 4 My Essay How did the Declaration influence the Constitution? The Declaration of Independence & The Constitution go neck and neck when it comes allowing Americans the right to live Independent and Safely. During the time that these Documents were written Citizens of Britain were forced to break away because the treatment they were receiving by the British Government. The government was forcing the People to house Soldiers, they were taxing almost everything and forcing…

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