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  • Differences Of Sttylistic Variation According To Edmonds And Hirst

    a. Denotational Variations According to Edmonds and Hirst, denotational variations is one of the variation that differ near-synonym words. Denotational variation itself is the differences in the idea such as the figure above where enemy and foe differ in emphasis. Gove mentions that enemy conveys about antagonism while foe stresses about active warfare rather than inner reaction (as cited in Edmonds & Hirst, 2002, p. 110) b. Stylistic Variations Generally, stylistic variations only covering a…

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  • Brazil Army Case Study Solution

    Discussion The problem that the Brazilian Army is facing can bring serious problems for the formation and the training of the artillery Soldiers. The discussion about solutions goes through some alternatives to manage that situation or at least, finding a balance between Soldier’s preparation and resources management. One of the feasible alternatives to this problem would be increase the number of combined exercises among the artillery subsystems in order to save some resources. This way,…

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  • Tim O Brien's The Things They Carried

    burdens soldiers endure. The two main literary elements that develop this theme most clearly are his uses of character, and use of symbolism. In “The Things They Carried”, Tim O’Brien narrates a story in first person about being drafted into the army and fighting in Vietnam. He tells us of a man who left a girl he loved. He tells us of all the physical items his squadron had to carry. He describes his everyday life as a soldier, and what seems tragic to us is just another thing that…

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  • Tennyson's The Charge Of The Light Brigade

    War changes a soldier’s perspective of life, whether it is an optimistic or pessimistic view. Some soldiers will enlist thinking that they are taking part in the war because of the nationalism and pride they have for their country. It encourages them to fight knowing that they are protecting the rights and freedom for the future generation. The soldiers often go to war with little to no knowledge of why the government incited the war. Most of the time, they fight knowing only the propaganda the…

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  • Fallen Angels: The Validity Of War

    Gracee Abeyta Mrs. Jacobson American Literature - Honors 2 Jan. 2018 The Validity of War The telling of a realistic war story cannot be successful unless it truly holds light to the extremely grueling physical and emotional battles that the average American soldier undergoes. Capturing these experiences is a feat that, if accomplished, should not go without honor and admiration for decades to come. Fallen Angels by Walter Dean Myers, published in 1988, is a novel that deserves this amount of…

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  • Rhetorical Devices In A Farewell To Arms

    Joe Haldeman once said, “No person can escape Einsteinian relativity, and no soldier or veteran can escape the trauma of war's dislocation” (“Joe Haldeman Quotes.”). This means that the trauma of war is as inescapable as Einstein’s laws of relativity. The authors of these books explore the inevitability of war’s trauma throughout their works. In Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse-Five and Ernest Hemingway's A Farewell to Arms, the authors use the rhetorical devices of imagery, similes,…

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  • Emma Goldman's Patriotism: A Menace To Liberty

    A political activist named Emma Goldman produced a speech in 1908 called “Patriotism: A Menace to Liberty” within it she analyzes what patriotism actually means. Inside the speech an important quote in which she alludes to America becoming the most powerful nation in the world, and eventually planting her iron foot on the necks of all other nations (Voices of A People’s History pg. 271 ). In the essay to follow I will analyze, and explain the meaning behind this. I will also take a deeper look…

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  • Essay On Tim O 'Brien's The Things They Carried'

    In challenging times, relationships become essential for survival; however it is those very same relationships that create hardship and torment. Tim O’Brien manipulates tone in his novel, The Things They Carried, in order to demonstrate the distress that arises due to his fixation on his relationships. In the chapter Ghost Soldiers, O’Brien is shot in combat and moved away from his companions, causing him to feel alone and act out in desperation to belong. When reunited with his fellow soldiers…

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  • Abel Field Case Analysis

    In this case a man named Abel Fields falsely said that he worked in the military for eight years. He also claimed that he had earned a purple heart which you only earn if are wounded in battle. This man never served in the military so everything he said was false. He was making these claims in a public safety meeting, he told the public that they should listen to him because of his experience. He was then arrested for impersonating a military officer. He now is facing a year in prison and a…

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  • Harrion Rhetorical Devices

    Although majority of Harrison’s narration of trench warfare is described in chronological order, the description is given a sense of depth when the writing deviates from the sequence. For example, the writer describes a flashback to an event when he talks to veterans and reads newspaper reports. This gives depth because it gives insight to the characters current motivation and emotional state. Sense imagery paints a vivid portrait of a scene to develop the narrative with the use of words and in…

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