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  • Personal Narrative: Veterans Day Assembly

    memorable. When I was younger,I wasn't the most tamed child, I had a tendency of getting into mischief. I Even once received ten minutes on the wall for getting into trouble. Time on the wall also meant how long you got held from recess. It was anywhere from stealing a pencil, to going onto the forbidden Monkey Bars. One day I went a little too far, and got twenty minutes on the wall. The whole second grade knew about the little scene I created in at the assembly. This all started with a Veterans Day Assembly. The loud roar of the class hushed as the teacher pranced into the room. The loud clinks of her tall heels made their way into the front of the class. “ Today is the veterans Assembly class, therefor we will be announced into the auditorium very shortly.” Mrs. Mitchell spoke to us while a sprinkler of saliva sprayed at the front row of students, unluckily I was on the front row. BEEP, “Room 22, please quietly make your way into the auditorium.” The entire class lifted their chairs and attempted to carry them to the assembly as required. Our fragile…

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  • Personal Narrative: Spring Formal Dance At Phoenix High School

    Back to the Past The upcoming week is Spring Formal Dance at Phoenix High School. Students are passing notes, asking their crushes to the dance. Some students test their limits to go big, making posters saying, “Would you go to Spring Formal with me?”, and buying bouquets or chocolates or candy; who would ever say, “no” to that. Grace and her squad; Mason, Daisy, Olivia, and Maya; planned to walk together into the assembly. The assembly was authorized to inform the students about the Spring…

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  • Tribunes In Roman Tribes

    While Rome was officially a republic, not all forms of authority believed all Romans were created as equals. Among the higher ranks of Roman politics were Tribunes, men selected by various parties to lobby in specific areas of the government. While the word “Tribune” is often used as a generalized term, there existed three major types of Tribunes. The word “Tribune” is a derivative of the Roman Tribes. The three tribes were divided into three groups – Tities, Ramnes, and Luceres. Each…

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  • Active Citizen Dbq

    citizen then did that person qualify as an active or passive citizen. Abbe Sieyes, a French Roman Catholic abbé, clergyman and political writer, stated "All the inhabitants of a country should enjoy the rights of a passive citizen" (81), but he argued you could not be and active citizen without proving yourself worthy by attaining property. Jacques Thouret, revolutionary, lawyer, president of the National Constituent Assembly, proposed a pathway to active citizenship, but in also included…

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  • Case Study: An Overview Of Ford Motor Company

    Ford Motor Company is one of America’s best selling automobile companies. Ford is the second largest U.S. based automobile manufacturers, and the fourth largest in the world. Originating June 16 1903, its creator Henry Ford, saw the need to go against the odds of high priced vehicles and cater to a more middle-classed popularity. The company has become one of the largest family-controlled businesses in the world with Henry Ford’s great grandson currently being the Executive Chairman for Ford…

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  • Write About The Differences Between The Large Firm And Small Firm Variants Of Industrial Modernization Analysis

    Write about the differences between the large firm and small firm variants of industrial restructuring. Also, about the conditions that necessitated them. Capitalism has been founded on the idea of large firms. Till 1970s, maximization of profits through large firms was a natural model of economic organization under capitalism. The Fordist model of industrialization was based on mass production of homogeneous goods using assembly line production technology, standardized work routines…

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  • Accomplishments Of Rudolf Diesel

    Introduction “The automobile engine will come and then I will consider my life’s work complete” – Rudolf (izquotes, n.d.) Now common place everywhere, automobile engines are small achievement on the list of accomplishments for Rudolf Diesel. The inventions he made helped shape the world we live in today and possible our future. Rudolf Diesel, his name is now synonymous with the invention he made but also engineering itself. Diesel was the first man to patent the diesel engine and the first to…

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  • Mirro Pressure Cooker Case Study

    Mirro 92122A Pressure Cooker Review The Mirro pressure cooker brand started as the Wear-Ever company back in 1903. Wear-Ever rode the tide of manufacturing led by Ford by creating a line of cookware and kitchen products using the new aluminum and steel manufacturing processes, leaving the old cast iron skillet behind. American households became quickly loyal to Wear-Ever and it became a staple in every kitchen. With the modern Mirro Company, their emphasis on using innovation, technology and new…

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  • Henr Henry Ford: The Invention Of The Assembly Line

    There was no efficient form of mass production of various products until the ingenious invention of the assembly line. This made most products expensive because of the extensive amount of work that people had to put forth into making products. It took workers about half a day of grueling work to create cars before the Model T. Because of this condition, cars were very expensive and most people could not afford one like today. Ransom E. Olds used the assembly line in 1901 to mass produce his…

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  • The Habits Of Highly Effective People By Henry Ford

    In the entire history, no other person has managed to have personified the notion of the self-made man more than Henry Ford. Henry Ford is best remembered as the one who single-handedly created the US automotive industry. What Ford had only a limited formal education, born in a farm, and was expected to take over the farm when he grows up. Instead, Ford left home at the age of seventeen and joined as an apprentice at a machinist in Detroit. A career choice that left him wildly famous and…

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