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  • There Is No Glory In War Analysis

    the reason of wanting the thirst for war and wanting to go into battle should not be the reason for joining the army. The theme “there is no glory in war”, is portrayed in All Quiet on the Western Front by the acts of lying to the youth, forcing soldiers to change into animals, and showing the cruelty of losing a comrade. From the perspective of Paul and his classmates, joining the army seemed like the best decision. Though some of the students, like Joseph Behm, seemed nervous and not to…

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  • In The Lake Of The Woods Literary Analysis

    In the brilliant novel, In The Lake Of The Woods, Tim O’Brien tells his audience many things about the nature of love. O’Brien claims that the nature of love is solely only to love and be loved. O’Brien says that, “It was the nature of love that John Wade went to the war. Not to hurt or be hurt, not to be a good citizen or a hero or a moral man. Only for love. Only to be loved.”(59) This means that in many instances, people's nature of love is simply just for love. Nothing else. The nature of…

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  • Alexander Mosaic Analysis

    The Alexander Mosaic from the House of Faun I think that the Alexander Mosaic is a painting capturing the war that was going on during this time period. It seems as if the right side is doing better than the left. Also, the left side seems terrified since a lot of soldiers have been lost in the battle, which is shown by the lack of people on the left side of the painting. It also seems as if one of the men on the right side doesn’t want to be fighting in this battle and is reaching out to the…

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  • Summary Of The Song 'Ohio'

    The movie tells the story of the Battle of Ia Drang Valley. The military higher-ups in the US army stated that the battle was a success. I would be willing to say that if you were to ask someone who was actually on the ground fighting the battle, they would not come to the same conclusion. The battle lines were not clearly drawn during the battle…

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  • A Critical Analysis Of The Things They Carried

    The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien is a short story about a platoon that consisted of 17 men, led by Lieutenant Jimmy Cross, and their experiences during the Vietnam War. The story is centered around the terrible conditions of Vietnam and the many items carried by the soldiers that were not only needed for survival, but also personal items that helped them get through each day. Each soldier carried the same necessities, some of them are: a flak jacket, a plastic poncho, pocket knives,…

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  • Military Robotics History

    The history of military robotics dates back to World War II and the Cold War. During those times of spying, weaponry and strategic attacks, these robots were in the form of Germany’s type of robotics and Russian weaponry called “teletanks”. It originated combined with a radio controlled boat intended to use by the military from Nicola Tesla. As the Soviets had created the teletanks, they were modified to be controlled by the radio signals. Weather conditions made it pretty tough to use, but…

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  • The Interrogation Of Prisoner Bung Analysis

    In its defense, the institution of war is supported by the need to protect the freedoms of individuals, and uphold their safety. However, war is not something to be taken lightly; war is not merely just an institution that births valiant heroes and stories of bravery, it can also be oppressive and violent. Contrary to popular belief, war in itself is not a beautiful existence it is gruesome and bloody. When heroic war stories are told, there is little consideration for what actually happens…

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  • Army Event Research Paper

    The new Army event paper The greatest fighting force in the world has a systematic way of instructing new recruits in the so called basic training, but our armed forces has adapted so much in today’s world. From Full Metal Jacket to the new Army so much has changed on how recruits are treated. I remember my first day coming out that yellow bus March 2016, the good ole shark attack that scared most of us and tired us was enough to make us think that this was going to be the worse 4 months of our…

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  • Military News Media Analysis

    The news media’s relationship towards the US government and the military, should be one of holding them accountable to what the people elected the officials to do, or to hold the military accountable of their actions. As well as, providing motivation for Americans during a time of war. Three examples of this are the following. One, Ernest “Ernie” Taylor Pyle, and his stories about the ordinary soldiers fighting in World War II. The second example was, the burning of Cam Ne in the Vietnam War.…

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  • Analysis Of Rule Number Two: Lessons I Learned In A Combat Hospital

    The United States of America has been at war since 2001. The two campaigns are known as Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraq Freedom. Since the beginning, there has been over 1.5 million troops deployed to the region (Savitsky, Illingsworth, & Dulaney, 2009). It does not matter what the job is, the chances that a soldier will experience a form of trauma is almost guaranteed. It was no different for Lieutenant Commander Heidi Kraft. In her book, Rule Number Two: Lessons I Learned in…

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