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  • What Are The Struggles Of The Journey In The Odyssey By Homer

    Thousands of people join our military and risk their lives to fight for their country. After many years of fighting in war soldiers are no longer who they used to be. When they return home they are looked at, treated badly, and are not given the treatment needed to recover. The struggles and obstacles these veterans face on their journey home and once they arrive forever face. In the epic poem, Odyssey by Homer, it shows the obstacles a soldier has to face on their journey. Odysseus and his men…

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  • All Quiet On The Western Front Analysis

    The Humanity in "All Quiet on the Western Front" by Erich Maria Remarque "All Quiet on the Western Front" by Erich Maria Remarque shows that humanity can exist in war. Paul expresses three human qualities throughout the war. He is a man about survival, love, and brotherhood. Survival is what the body is made to do. It has many different parts that keep it going and alive. Love cannot be summed up in words. Paul expresses love through his actions in the story. He has a great heart.…

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  • All Quiet On The Western War Analysis

    All Quiet on the Western Front and A Long Way Gone: A Psychological and Emotional Comparison Imagine yourself in the middle of a field, your comrades dying around you, people crying out for their mothers. This is the dreadful reality of war. The novels All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque and A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah follow the stories of Paul Baumer and Ishmael Beah, two young soldiers experiencing these things every day. The psychological and emotional journey of these…

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  • Theme Of Irony In All Quiet On The Western Front

    heavy roar and then breaks up again into separate explosions. The dry bursts of the machine-guns rattle… howls, pipings, and hisses” (Remarque 59). The noise contradicts the glory of war. At the same time, deaths due to the war or the negligence of army leaders and even hospitals increase the fighting’s senselessness. Modris Eksteins assets that “the total dehumanization of the conflict, as it became a gruesome war of attrition, cast a pall of irony over all ideals and all values” (347). When…

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  • Argumentative Essay On War Veterans

    War Veterans risked their lives fighting for our country, but after the war, they struggle to adjust back to normal life. Some soldiers go through hell on Earth fighting for our country. They see unimaginable things and acts of inhumanity that scar them for life. Nevertheless, when they get back from the war, they still struggle with society along with unable to cope with their war experiences. and usually are unable to adjust back to a healthy normal lifestyle. Treatment with War Veterans must…

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  • Analysis Of National Suicide Day In Toni Morrison's 'Sula'

    When people think of the casualties of the war, they think of the men and women who came home represented by a folded flag, the ones who came home with fewer limbs than when they left. Not the silent casualties who suffer internal, not external. In the beginning of Sula written by Toni, Morrison Shadrack is running through a field during what appears to be a battle on the field. While Shadrack is focused on the nail piercing through his boot while one of his comrades had their face blown off.…

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  • In Pharaoh's Army Rhetorical Analysis

    Wolff’s memoir, In Pharaoh’s Army, uses imagery, diction, and humor to describe the Vietnam War. Wolff uses other literary devices to describe his opinion against, as he calls it, “The Lost War”. Although Wolff takes a stance against the Vietnam War, he still supports war in general. Wolff is very unique in the sense that he didn 't write this memoir as other authors would write about war. Wolff’s statements are very straightforward as he clearly states his opinions on the Vietnam War and war in…

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  • Theme Of On The Rainy River

    When stuck between fighting and fleeing, it can become difficult to choose. This is the main theme of the story “On The Rainy River”, written by Tim O’Brien, which recalls the events and struggles from when he was drafted to fight in the Vietnam War. Applying a biographical lens to Tim O’Brien’s “On The Rainy River” reveals the relationship between how the narrator’s story can relate to Tim O’Brien’s life. You can clearly see the similarities between his views on the war and his conclusion to…

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  • Military Women In Combat Why Making It Official Matters Analysis

    intrigued from something that hasn’t changed in years. After using that sentence to catch the audience’s attention, she then states, “Last week, female soldiers began formally moving into jobs in previously all-male battalions, a program that will later go Army-wide” as a strong thesis. McGregor goes on to talk about how many jobs have opened to women in the military by the rules getting changed. Although she adds this huge fact she also added how…

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  • Mental Reality In F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby

    affects their relationships with the people surrounding their lives. Gatsby’s mental state throughout The Great Gatsby is certainly not impeccable after he serves in World War I, because he has to leave his girlfriend, Daisy, behind to serve in the army. Like countless other soldiers of this time period, Gatsby’s mental state changes during the war and he holds onto the good memories and perfects them in his head. He develops a perfect vision of Daisy in the years that they are apart, which can…

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