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  • Analysis Of Makenzie's Essay 'Let Women Fight'

    “Let Women Fight” Makenzie claims that women are more than capable of fighting in combat; the mental and physical demands of being in the military can easily be met by women, which can be seen very clearly, as many women are already serving in the military. Makenzie’s use of examples develops her logos in her essay well, and also makes a very convincing argument for readers. She lists facts and data, often giving the reader examples of women who are successful in the military, and reasons as to…

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  • Persuasive Essay On National Anthem

    standing for the national anthem since 1891. And since then it’s just been something tons of countries have been doing, Actually, People stop what they're doing and stand to the flag when the anthem starts playing. During the Olympics Rio 2016, An Army Reserve 2nd Lt. Sam Kendrick was spring down the lane for his pole vaulting attempt when he heard the national anthem start playing. In his dead sprint holding a 10ft pole, he hears the National Anthem start playing he…

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  • My Core Values: A Self Analysis

    confrontation. Nevertheless, it’s not the type of question that people are generally ready to answer, on a deep level. I aim to answer that question through this paper in order to help me reflect on my life as part of my pursuit in becoming a leader in the army. I will briefly discuss my background, my core values, and some the events that I believe have truly shaped me. I am currently in my final semester at West Point and preparing to serve in the infantry in the in my country. My interest and…

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  • American Soldier Simulation Analysis

    For the first half of 2nd trimester, I experienced being a vietnam soldier in a simulation. We did this activity so we could experience what it 's like being a soldier during a time of war. During this simulation we went through different events that were similar to what the soldiers went through. We learned about the strategies that both offenses used and the brutality the american government used on the vietnamese. In this essay, I describe and compare the life of an actual soldier in combat…

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  • PTSD Nation Event Analysis

    Event Analysis of “PTSD Nation: Art and Poetry from Survivors of War, Gun Violence and Domestic Abuse” Art is an expression of feeling or thought, and to different people, meanings and functions of art will be different. According to the director of my college’s Art Department, “In the case of public art that was made for a specific site in the city, the artist may have been expected to design a piece that responded to the appearance, purpose, or history of that site” (Lecture). I think the…

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  • Technology: The Impact Of Advanced Technology On The Military

    “ By the 20th century, military organizations confronted the problem of not only adapting to technological changes in peace time, but also the fact that war itself has inevitably turned up the speed of technological change”. The first Gulf War constitutes a turning point in the history of modern conflicts essentially because of the integration of technology into all levels of military operations. War was always been a declaration of hostility between two opposing groups clashed over a…

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  • Theme Of Grief In Tim O Brien's The Things They Carried

    The Neverending War War will never end for the soldiers who are among the living, the ones who have seen the end are dead. The novel The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien tells what he and his fellow soldiers had experienced in the vietnam war, during and after, what they had to do and how they feel. There thought’s were not only just on the war, but on their family and friends. In the soldiers heads, they are constantly thinking of the past, mostly the war, and what they had to do. In the…

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  • Komunyakka And Owen Analysis

    O”Brien, Komunyakka, and Owen were soldiers who each wrote a text describing soldiers at war from their personal point of view. O”Brien described in his text “The things they carried,” the physical, mental, and emotional things soldiers carried. Komunyakka expresses in his text “Facing It” how the soldiers must face death and reality at the same time and in Komunyakkas’ text “We Never Know” he is connecting emotionally with a fallen enemy soldier through a picture of a women. In Owen’s text…

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  • Nonfiction Elements In Tim O Brien's The Things They Carried

    War changes people. The Vietnam war changed many soldiers, families, and countries who were affected. This war was different from the other wars we had fought in the past. It was long and, it lasted years longer than they had expected. The war became increasingly unpopular at home in the United States. The Things They Carried is a historical fiction novel that follows Tim O’Brien, who is also the protagonist of the book- and his fellow soldiers in the Alpha Company during the Vietnam war. Tim…

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  • 11 Year 11 Child Persuasive Speech

    Imagine a young, innocent, 11 year old boy. Now imagine a young, innocent, 11 year old boy with a military personnel helmet on twice the size of his head, holding an automatic rifle that is almost the same size as his frail little body. Imagine this boy looking left, right, up, down, and all he sees is blood, bullets flying, and dead bodies all around. All he hears is the sound of gunfire and screaming voices, trembling as he runs and hides in fear of his life. What is going through this child’s…

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