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  • Journey As A Discourse Community Analysis

    Introduction Religious organizations, especially on college campuses, can sometimes be viewed by the public as intimidating due to the rules and stereotypes associated with religious groups. Journey, a Christian worshiping community at the College of Charleston, encourages an open-minded approach to spiritual growth throughout college by communicating with students in a way that welcomes all types of students without judgment. This organization is a discourse community, a group of people that…

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  • Symbolism In Stephen King's Children Of The Corn

    Corn. Evil is woven throughout the story, as Isaac and his followers perform demonic rituals and murder mass amounts of people, including their parents and all the adults of the town they reside in. Children of the Corn is heavily intertwined with religious symbolism, including that of praising a demon-god known as “He Who Walks Behind the Rows”, which portrays the children using traditional Christian symbolism in twisted forms such as burning crosses, and demon-god praising rituals such as…

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  • Bible Study Old Testament

    Introduction Infinitely imperative to contemporary Christian faith, Bible study “involves engaging the mind and focusing attention on Scripture in an attempt to understand and apply truth to every part of my life”. Only through Bible study can we learn about God and become more like Christ. Through the Bible itself God encourages us to “meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful” (Josh 1:8). Though emphasis…

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  • Cabramatta Case Study Australia

    Australian (Dunn 1993). As well as creating interactive community activities, individuals in Cabramatta also share and respect similar religious beliefs, for instances Cabramatta is surrounded by different worships centres, this demonstrates a multicultural community as they accept and respect other religious beliefs rather than a society that say practice and preach one religious belief…

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  • Bermudas By Andrew Harvel Analysis

    Marvell represents a typical white man, a man who desires flesh and love. His need for sexual satisfaction is unavoidable. Marvell takes his sexual eagerness and puppeteers the narrator. Marvell sets up the poem to illustrate sailors escaping religious persecution and are led safe to shore. He does this in order to mask his underlying sexual desires but also proclaim his faith to…

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  • The Importance Of Morality In The Council Of Trent

    This composition is to identify the changes that have taken place pertaining to morality within the Catholic Church since the Council of Trent. As a summary, hopefully it will enlighten how we can look at and approach morality and intertwine spirituality with the unique style Father Richard Gula uses to corroborate his thesis. Father Richard Gula points out that since the Council of Trent (1545-1563), morality was more in assisting the priest in the confessionals as to determining the moral…

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  • Gautama And The Elephant Analysis

    I do not know a religious text that tells a story like this, but I wish that I did. In the story, the sage Gautama finds a baby elephant and must raise it. In return, he and the elephant become the closest of friends. Indra, leader of devas, contests their relationship and…

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  • Biblical Allusions In Lord Of The Flies Analysis

    Evil is well hidden within every human’s genetic make-up since birth; this inherent trait is revealed under certain circumstances regardless of age, class or occupation. William Golding exhibits this ideology in the novel, Lord of the Flies, using the characters and setting as a sample of the real world. Within the first few chapters of the novel, Golding instills a barbaric nature in a select few of the characters; near the end of the novel, all of the characters demonstrate this trait.…

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  • The Book Of Eli Analysis

    The Hughes Brothers imprint their religious point of view in their 2010 American post-apocalyptic film, “The Book of Eli”. In this dramatic tale Denzel Washington stars as Eli, a mysterious wanderer that carries the world’s only remaining copy of King James’s Bible. He ventures 30 years across a desolated post-apocalyptic landscape in the attempt of finding a safe haven for this sacred book. Determined to complete his mission, Eli’s quote “We walk by faith, not by sight” from the Bible conveys…

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  • Simply Scripture In Psychotherapy: Article Analysis

    Scriptural Intervention Summary Many Christian counselors have difficulty establishing the fine line of appropriateness when it comes to choosing various interventions and when to apply them to their respective clients. Garzon addresses these challenges in his article, "Interventions that Apply Scripture in Psychotherapy" (2005). Using well-cited scriptural basis for his assertions, Garzon addresses a number of challenges faced by Christian therapists. An underlying tone of the article is for…

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