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  • Argumentative Essay On The Square Deal

    In today’s political arena, candidates such as Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders ‘debate’ on whomever is the most progressive candidate. But what does it mean to be a progressive and when did this radical political idea come into fruition? The Progressive Reform began at the dawn of the twentieth century, at a time when America was a cultural melting pot and the years of peace leading to WWI. The new progressive waged war on monopolies, corruption, inefficiencies, and social injustices. Even…

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  • Fdr's Economic Changes

    Following the aftermath of World War I, the United States was going through vigorous and vital economic growth known as the Roaring Twenties. The Unites States had a plethora of money as well as the necessary core goods to fuel the economy’s needs they were trying to build. Many technological advancements appeared as well, such as the creation of the traffic signal, the band aid, and the lie-detector. However in the year of 1929, the economy of the U.S changed for the worst. Starting in the…

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  • The Failure Of Feminism Analysis

    critically by the female population due to the varying feminist outlooks. There are the ego-cultural feminists, the radicals, the liberal/reforms, the electoral, academic, ecofeminists… the list goes on” (Dorey-Stein, 2015). In the article, she mentions the many sub-sections of feminism. She says that “Feminists are Republicans and Democrats, right-wing conservatives and left-wing radicals; feminists are both religious and anti-religious, anti-abortion and pro-abortion, anti-pornography and…

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  • Agenda II: Master Of Deceit

    Communism are Christians and Islams. Communist send Muslims to America just to stir things up. Then, they use these people to infiltrate and become leaders. The head man of the Al Qaeda was trained by the KGB, a communist group. The Russians use radical Islam as a cover. Communism and Islam are twins. There are two goals that communists want to accomplish to take out religion. The first step is to take out Christianity. Many people did not even believe that the Bible is the Word of God.…

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  • Hamilton Vs Jefferson Analysis

    Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton were two men who wanted change in the political party system. This is where the two new political parties were created, the Federalist party and the Democratic-Republicans. These two new forms of government brought new and different ideas on how to run a federal government. Most candidates of today still follow these ways of thinking, but their ideals are much less extreme, but also these ideas could be applied to some of the problems of today. Alexander…

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  • What Is The Importance Of The 2016 Election

    I remember talking with friends in my early teen years about what it would be like to vote. We did some math, and deduced that we’d all be 18 by the time the 2016 Presidential election. However, what we didn’t anticipate, was how dominating the election would be over our lives-- we simply thought, come voting day, that we’d walk in and easily choose the candidate of our choice. There was no anticipation of the fact that we’d also be freshly enrolled in college, an environment so tuned in to…

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  • Lesbian Feminist

    Throughout the 80’s, the AIDS crisis and the failure of the US government to address the problem became the impetus for the unification and diversification of the LGBT movement. The separatism of lesbian feminists dissipated, and both the gay and lesbian communities became more moderate in order to better politically address the new right and fight for health care, marriage equality, rights to abortion, and other discrimination. Furthermore, because the AIDS epidemic worst affected the poor and…

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  • Revolution: Causes Of The French Revolution

    the French. Upset over defeat, French radicals pushed for a further governmental takeover. The National Convention is now the new…

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  • How Did Napoleon Affect The Economy

    after that Napoleon and Paoli had differences in their opinions, and when the civil war begun in April 1793, Napoleon returned to France, now as an enemy of Paoli. He joined the military and showed his support for the Jacobins, who were known to be radical. France had a turbulent time, what gave the chance for Maximilien de Robespierre to gain…

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  • An Analysis Of Greenpeace's Public And Private Position Towards TTIP

    public image and make them credible again in the eyes of their supporters. The success of the Greenpeace has been measured by number of supporters and fund-raising success, which probably will grow thanks to the leakement of the documents and the radical view of what they…

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