Qualities of a Good Manager

  • Difference Between Software Product Management And Software Project Management

    management. P a g e 2 | 10 As the name suggests, the project manager focuses on the project. The project manager is in charge of the project development. The project manager solves the question: how should this solution be implemented? According to Manteli (2010, p. 23), “software project managers are more involved into activities such as release planning, risk management and quality management and therefore project managers are more technical oriented.” The project manager is more technical than the product manager. He is responsible for the project and his team. He lists the tasks of his team. That’s why he should be careful with constraint such as time, cost and quality. These constraints make up the Project Management Triangle as can be seen on Figure 1. The project manager plans not only time, cost and quality, but also risk, procurement, stakeholder, integration, scope and human resources. The project manager shouldn’t be a perfectionist. The project must carry out the project in a little bit of time in order to have product of sufficient quality. Obviously the customers will be dissatisfied with a product that can 't be delivered. That is why the project manager focuses on the time constraint which is defined by the product manager. As the name suggests, the product manager focuses on the product. The product manager is in charge of the product development. According to Manteli (2010, p. 23), “software product managers are more concerned with activities such as…

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  • Roles Of A Manager In An Organisation

    1. The role of the operational manager in relation to the other main organisational functions. In any business and organizations, the roles of an operational manager is extremely key for the success of the making of goods and services. An operational manager has to think also plan out effectual and systematic strategies so that it will make certain of increasing profit, and the balance also the growth of the organization. Generally operational managers work alongside with other departments such…

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  • Characteristics Of A Project Manager

    What do you need to be a good project manager? “Be not afraid of greatness; some are born great; some achieve greatness – others have greatness thrust upon them” (Shakespeare, 1601-02). Having said that project manager lies under a category who achieves greatness with education, experience, skills and of course with talents gained or born with. That means project managers are well trained people who possess series of key qualities important for management discipline. There are many qualities of…

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  • What Are The Challenges Of Leading And Managing An IT Project

    so as to reach the allocated target is a project manager. According to Rouse, an IT project manager is professional charged with overseeing the process of planning, executing and delegating responsibilities around an organization’s technology pursuits and goals (Rouse, n.d). A leader is a person who guides and directs others and who inspires other by a shared vision. A successful project manager have to have leadership skills as well along with the managerial skills. According to John Smyrk,…

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  • The Importance Of Service Profit Chain In Management

    profit chain are internal service quality, employee satisfaction, employee retention, and productivity. Most of the hotels use the concept of the profit chain to succeed in their management. For example, the Marriott Hotel has thrived in its business management as it uses the surface profit chain concept to run and manage its work. Since he started his business in 1927, Marriott showed interest in all his employees and involved them in the management. He has been dedicated to meeting his…

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  • Comparison From The Book Of Herzberg's Two-Factor Theory

    1. A) A specific lesson from the book that supports theory X & Y is the one-minute manager stating that managers must be both result-oriented (theory x) and people-oriented (theory y). He states that people and results go hand in hand in order to make the organization successful. B) An example of this would be when the one-minute manager points out the restaurant that provides service (quantity) gets more customers than the other one because it also provides quality products and services. He…

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  • Competency Characteristics Of Leadership

    I am choosing to focus my attention towards the leadership tutorial task. I have the personal opinion that leadership is a critical component of a good manager, and a quality all managers should possess to be successful in their roles. I am already a manager in an organisation and acknowledge that leadership is critical to leading a successful team. It is of my personal opinion that the tutorial task was effective in developing my understanding of leadership theories by understanding the…

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  • Classic And New Wave Case Analysis

    The purpose of this memo is to discuss and suggest solutions/manager incentives for NMC’s cost allocations in evaluating the performances of two divisions, Classic and New Wave. The Problems of Cost Allocations from Classic and New Wave Divisions Throughout the problems, both Classic and New Wave’s management divisions were lacking of goal congruence in achieving the company’s objective, which was an effective cost allocation set by the upper management. While New Wave wants to focus more on…

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  • Risk Manager's Roles In Risk Management

    Risk management programs are essential to any hospital. While it is known that humans will make mistakes, it is imperative that risk managers do what is necessary to assist the health care workers in providing quality care for the patients. A good risk manager will accomplish this task while minimizing risks to the patients, health care staff, and the organization. Risk Manager’s Role The purpose of a risk management program is to reduce the likelihood of errors that are costly to an…

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  • The Characteristics Of Leadership In The Theory Of Trait Leadership

    Managers have a many tasks to do on a daily basis, and one of the many tasks is their associates. Not all managers are capable to be leaders, in order to become a leader they must earn their associates trust but also “inspire and motivate people to give their best” (Managing Leadership, 1996). Being a leader comes with a lot of responsibility and certain qualities that will make them an effective leader. A leader is defined as “someone who can influence others and who has managerial authority”,…

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