The Challenges Of Service Manager And Product Management And Service Management

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Quality management is one of the important part to keep the company fulfilling the customers' satisfactory in product and services. Whilst the product management and service management are separate sections in TQM, both are the indispensable parts for managing and improving for the company. Kelemen (2005) mentioned that "service managers face different challenges as compared with production managers." This statement stated that service managers would need to face more challenges and difficulties than production managers. In this essay, the statement will be evaluating the challenges of 'service manager' and 'product manager' in service quality management.

First of all, service manager is the role that manages the service level agreements
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Besides, service is different from products in terms of delivery. Service has several characteristics, including intangible, heterogeneous, perishable, and less controllable. (Kelemen, 2005) Service is intangible, it cannot be touched and it does not exist in physical form as goods. Service is heterogeneous as well, it has different variability. Hence, service cannot be standardized. In addition, Service is perishable, it means the service would get outdated from time to time, it would need improvement in order to keep providing decent services to the customers.

Using the service management can help the company in improving and dealing with the evolving society,
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Service managers need to avoid poor quality of service to be delivered to the public. As indicated before, external communication is consumers, which managers can review and improve the service quality. In contrast to the external communication with the customers, service managers need to have the internal communication with the service production team. Taking bank industry as the example, whilst the service managers receive the feedback and opinions from the customers, the company would be expected to have improvements on their service delivered. To be able to make the improvements, service managers need to take the advices to the service production team, in order to apply suggestions to the service that would be able to deliver out to the public with a better form. It shows that it is important to have communication and cooperation between service delivery manager and service production team. Referring back to the RATER model (Parasuraman et al, 1988, sited in, Kelemen, 2005), the tangible determinant, which is the physical evidence for the service delivered, relating it to the service delivery, it would be the element for the external communication with the customers as it would be an efficient way to collect service reviews

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