Prescott Auto Case

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Assignment One: Case Study Analysis
Case: Prescott Auto

1. Identification and analysis of key issues/problems

1.1. Shared Understanding of Service Concept
Prescott Auto employees does not have a shared understanding of a service concept that will guide the team to know what and how to deliver a certain kind of service to customers. Pycraft, et al. (1997) suggests that a service concept is a set of expected benefits to meet the customers’ needs and expectations. Likewise, Johnston, Clark and Shulver (2012) defined service concept as captured information about the importance of service used by the customer, service provided and received, refers to customer experience and outcomes, which should be understood, shared and articulated within
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Johnston, Clark & Shulver (2012) emphasized that service concept acts as guideline for employees to know their roles, responsibilities and identify their contribution to the service delivered to customers.
Walker (2014) Although Wayne is an experienced and skilled car mechanic; he lacks the necessary experience and skills in service operations management. These difficulties have surfaced many times, yet nothing has been done as he is focused on the day-to-day repairs and other service jobs. He should be aware that as owner/manager, he is responsible for the overall operations of the shop including people management.

Wesley’s lack of understanding of the roles of each team and Tamati’s lack of skills and training were evident on the incident with the Izusu diesel job. Wayne should clarified what services can be assigned to the apprentice and that he should work with supervision. Wayne with his wide experience could have trained Tamati or asked Winston or Wesley to coach Tamati. Dransfield (2000) believes that individuals improved their performance through a coach, an experienced staff that helps an individual become more effective in his role.

1.1.3. Defining and communicating the nature of the
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Recommendation for solutions

2.1. Shared Understanding of Service Concept

2.1.2. Organisational Alignment
Wayne should attend a service operation management and leadership training. He should develop his coaching and communication skills and should maintain close overseeing of the shop and regular meetings with staff and close communication with customers.
Wayne should restructure their organizational set up and come up with a personnel plan. Make Wayne or Wesley 2nd in charge while Sarah may act as part-time office administrator. Clarify staff’s roles, responsibilities, expectation and their contribution to the overall service given to customers.

Fully train staff especially Tamati in all aspects of repairs.

2.1.2 Defining and communicating the nature of the business
Management must develop clearly defined service concepts focused on the nature of the business and on organizational alignment. These should be communicated and shared within the organisation. Wayne must articulate this to the staff and they must reach an agreement and understanding about what needs to be provided and

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