Professional Relationships with Children Young People and Adults Essay

  • Rapport And Professional Relationships With Adults

    a. Demonstrate how to establish rapport and professional relationships with adults. It is important to be able to work in an environment of mutual support and openness. Working in a school setting makes it impossible to work independently. So, building rapport and a professional relationship with other adults is a must if you aim to work effectively. You will be required to offer your support practically. Working with others who are unfamiliar with the surrounding may need help or advice with where to find things or how to use equipment and resources. When I first began volunteering, I remember asking staff to show me how to use the photocopier which they were all too happy to help me with. I have also had to help new staff members with using…

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  • Importance Of Mental Health Screening In Schools

    now among the leading causes of death among children, teens, and young adults, has become a nationwide epidemic that has become increasingly controversial and problematic. As children, teens, and young adults traverse through life, mental health problems will often arise and are suspect to flourish and take over their lives ' as well as the lives ' of those close to them. These issues often arise due to the complex nature of the brain and how it develops, introducing environmental issues such…

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  • Early Childhood Education Assignment

    interesting is Early childhood education as a profession, Health, Safety, and Communicating with Young children, and Modeling adult relationships in early childhood settings. I chose early childhood as a profession because it has always been my passion to work with children choosing this profession can’t just be a random choice it has to be something a person want to do. When it comes to working with children you have to be patient, nurturing, you must abide by certain rules in the work place…

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  • Principles In Relationship Building With Children, Young People And Adults

    There are several principles involved when relationship building with children, young people and adults. Firstly you need to engage with the person you are dealing with. Dependent on the age of the person, techniques will need to be adapted. When you truly engage with someone they will believe you are interested in what they have to say, in their ideas, answers and opinions. By showing them that you are listening through eye contact, questioning and acknowledging their points they will open up…

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  • Development Tasks And Interventions For The Eight Stages Of Human Development Essay

    of human development. Choose 3 of the stage and give examples of how this staged is accomplished. The first stage of development is Basic Trust versus Basic Mistrust, which begins from birth to age 1 ½. The task involves the development to trust in his or her parents and the environment in which their living within. The interventions children within this age is affections and the consistent care from their parents in order for the child to grow a bond with others. The second stage of…

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  • 1.1 Explain The Importance Of Reflective Practice

    A practitioner should seem approachable in order for clear communication to take place, adults and children must feel comfortable enough to be able to communicate any information, whether it is positive or negative. Practitioners need to be able to feel confident enough to also communication any information, positive or negative to adults, whether they are, parents, other staff members or part of a multi-professional…

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  • 3.1 Identify The Importance Of Working For Children And Young People

    It is hard for parents to leave their children in an educational or care setting while they go to work, it is important that they feel confidant their children are in a safe, supportive hands who will help their development . Failing to do this is a gross breach of your professional values. 3.2 Policies & procedures that are in place to protect children and young people and adults who work with them. Listening to children & young people listening to children is important you may hear…

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  • Alcohol Abuse Treatment For Young Adults

    treatment for the young adult, the goals are to treat the immediate problem or issue of the abuse of alcohol, prevent using, and begin long-term therapy to promote abstinence (Saitz, 1999. p. 6). The corporation of the abuser is imperative and treatment easier. The only way to get to this stage of recovery with the abuser is with their willingness to admit there is a problem. There is a question a young adult alcoholic must ask themselves. The question should be are they willing to do what it…

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  • The Consequences And Effects Of Divorce In The Family

    major concern for social scientists who are finding a pattern between children of divorced and their adult relationships. Many researchers have begun to consider the consequences of the popularity of divorce for future generations. Divorce of parents does not only play a role during their child’s adolescent years, but can have consequences that carry into adulthood relationships. According to many psychological studies, such as one done by the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine…

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  • Adult And Child Nursing Case Study

    In this assignment, the importance of communication will be discussed in relation to adult and child nursing. The later section will be comparison between two fields of nursing. Cambridge Dictionary (n.d) defines communication as: "exchange of information and expression of feeling that can result in understanding". According to Health and Social Care Information Centre UK (2015), in 2014-2015, written and oral communication was the third highest subject of complaint at 10.3% (12,439) out of…

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