Church As Mystical Communion Essay

  • Ann Seton: A Comparative Analysis: Caryll Houselander And Elizabeth Ann Seton

    However, it is the mystical healing of the Holy Communion that ultimately changed her faith and perspective on the whole notion of the Church. This occurred when she healed immediately after receiving the Holy Communion at the time she had been struck by a strange disease (Houselander 2). It is clear that there were deliberate efforts to develop a Christian from the go. This becomes evident when she is sent to several Christian schools as part of this objective. It significantly helped her to discover her religious gifts such as the mystical one of seeing Christ in other people, something that could never have come to bear were it not for the French Catholic Girl School. Elizabeth Ann Seton, on the other hand, is described as having been born a devoted Christian, something that was much connected to her love of nature, which could help her to find the presence of God. Unlike Caryll, she was an Episcopalian descendant accustomed to long hours of prayers and strongly believed in reliance on the provision of a mystical God. As a Protestant, her faith was based on the personal drive for the love of Christ but not nurtured by formalized belief in the Catholic faith. However, painful incidences of abandonment by everyone dear helped to draw her close to God. Role of the Holly Communion Elizabeth exhibited strong and unusual attachment with symbolic communion in her Protestant church, something that was psychological. The fact that she could move from one church to another was a…

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  • Kerygmatic, Servant, And Lastly Community Of Disciples

    The ideas of the church are various. There are many different views that people have of the church, but there are six main models that most go by. These six models are that of Institution, Mystical Communion, Sacrament, Herald or Kerygmatic, Servant, and lastly Community of Disciples. The earliest view mentioned was Institution, this is meaning that the church is viewed to be made up of structures. Rausch says that this view is dominant in Catholic theology from the Reformation to Vatican II.…

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  • Short Summary: Why Is Communion So Important?

    1. Why is communion so important? • Communion is the act of remembering the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus. This symbol of eating “his body and drinking his blood” reminds me of all that Christ has done for me. For me, communion is a holy time of remembering God’s gifts and acts of love towards me, and a rededication of my life to following Christ. Communion is also a time of self judgment where I pause to reflect on how my life lines up with God’s expectations. Also, I have come to…

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  • Summary Of Aiden Kavanagh The Shape Of Baptism

    Holy Spirit to seek incorporation into the Church, baptized Christians should also continue to listen attentively to the promptings of the Paraclete so that their relationship to Christ and his mystical body can grow and deepen into greater communion. (93) The Second Vatican Council, as Kavanagh highlights in chapter three, led to “the complete overhaul of [the] Catholic initiatory practice,” which also included the reform of Baptism. (Kavanagh, pg. 104) Before these changes, the normal rite of…

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  • Eastern Orthodoxy Essay

    Eastern Orthodoxy and Roman Catholicism gained an identity (“Eastern Orthodoxy”). The religion originated in the East from the Roman-Byzantine Empire with the headquarters in Constantinople. Eastern Orthodoxy regards its self as the True Church, being rooted in Christianity. Eastern Orthodoxy places great value on the doctrine and holds the Bible to be the sacred text. They use the Septuagint, or the Greek Old Testament. The movement also emphasizes the Creeds and the seven ecumenical councils.…

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  • The Roots Of Martin Luther And The Protestant Movement

    Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to a church door. The roots of Protestantism, however, go far deeper than simply this outrage; with a series of events leading up to the eventual religious split from the Catholic Church. Beginning with the three simultaneously reigning Popes in the early 15th century, many including Luther, felt the Church become more and more corrupt. Arguably, what disgruntled many Catholics more was the sale of indulgences by the Church as a way to repent sins. In addition…

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  • Analysis Of Meeting Christ In The Sacraments By Coleman O Paul

    this covenantal relationship, humanity will finally find “rest” within the transcendent life of the Blessed Trinity. The only way, however, to enter the heavenly Jerusalem or sanctuary—where humanity will experience the full dynamic and loving relationship of the Three Divine Persons—is through their earthly pilgrimage, like Israel, where they will be challenged to conform their hearts, minds, and wills in order to follow God’s laws or will. The major obstacle, however, that humanity faces on…

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  • The Beliefs Of Pope Leo X, And Patriarch Nicene Creed

    deed, save for some minor disagreements. Because of this, it is practically impossible that the results of the Great Schism, two disputing churches, are as distant from each other as they claim to be. Though highly controversial among modern-day Christians, the Western Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches are more similar in doctrine and beliefs than they are different in practice. In 1054, the Great Schism, or the East-West Schism, permanently separated the Eastern Orthodox Church and the…

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  • Ignatius Reflection

    wonderful mystical experiences and his eyes became opened and grace poured through his life still today. Ignatius not only had spiritual experience, but he was able to write it down and formulate into words for the body of the believers draw near to God. Everyone is invited to open their eyes and discern God’s movement in their lives. Ignatius does not name the Holy Spirit, however it is the work of the Spirit in the life of Ignatius who transformed him and transforms God’s people. In Fire…

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  • My Personal Doctrines Of The Catholic Church

    and had confirmation. But, I do have my own personal beliefs. Although there are doctrines of the Catholic church; I do not completely agree with a few of them. My personal faith is to just try the best you can in life and yes live by the word of God, but if I mess up along the way then it 's ok I 'm only human. God does forgive but only if your really mean it and ask for forgiveness. Although I have own beliefs I do respect everyones religion and background. One of my own personal beliefs…

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