Short Summary: Why Is Communion So Important?

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1. Why is communion so important?

• Communion is the act of remembering the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus. This symbol of eating “his body and drinking his blood” reminds me of all that Christ has done for me. For me, communion is a holy time of remembering God’s gifts and acts of love towards me, and a rededication of my life to following Christ. Communion is also a time of self judgment where I pause to reflect on how my life lines up with God’s expectations. Also, I have come to communion not only at church, but in my home as a time of consecration where I can press into God for the desires of my heart. Communion is also a time to ask for healing, God’s strength, his grace, and his provision for my life. I have taken communion
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This is why I believe that this process must never be rushed, but clearly explained to those who partake. Sins must be confessed, forgiven petitioned, and the Holy Spirit allowed to do both personal and corporate cleaning. Since Christ died an agonizing death for me, and provided me with an example at the last supper by washing his disciples feet, time spent to partake in this process must be sacrificial. For me, it’s bringing myself back to my father and spending that time to get his feedback and strength to continue this race. Communion is so significant that whether I am taking it every Sunday or once a month, it is a sacred time as it reminds me that one day I will have the privilege of taking communion with Christ. What a day that will be, but until then, I try to decrease why he increases, and I use this time to repent and to rededicated myself, my gifts, and talents back to God. Communion also reconnects me to Christ in a mystical, yet holy …show more content…
Baptism of course is Christ’s expectation for those who are saved, but it is not required for salvation. For instance, the thief on the cross that was saved, was never baptized, but because he believed in Christ, he is in heaven today. Baptism, however, shows the church that you are humble, following Christ commands, and ready to do his will.

• Baptism offers the opportunity for a believer to also testify to the church what God has done in his or her life, and is a sort of welcoming ceremony. In previous churches, our congregation was asked to stretch forth our hands to the person been baptized, as a sign of agreement and support. Today, while this is not done at the Ray, it is still a process I resort to since I strongly believe that this shows that we are agreeing with these Individuals ,and stand ready to support them in any way possible.
For me, baptism is important as it connects with my adult rededication to God. I was confirmed and christened as a child, but choose to be baptized after I rededicated my life to Christ as this was a sign of a maturing faith. Baptism and the process of been immersed in water meant for me that I buried my past along with its consequences and that I rise to a new life in Christ. At my baptism, I felled new, free, and ready to take on the world for

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