Explain The Importance Of Effective Communication With Children And Young People

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Effective communication involves a range of skills and behaviours and is an important part of the role of all adults working in a school setting. It is important to be available to children and young people and to let them know that you are actively listening and that you are willing to make time for them, no matter how busy you are. You should show them that you are fully concentrating on what they are saying and that their communication is valued. This includes giving verbal and non-verbal cues that you are listening such as nodding, saying ‘yes’, maintaining eye contact and smiling. Active listening also requires that you give children time to explore their feelings and thoughts and therefore allow periods of silence and pauses to allow this to happen. With younger children, it is good practice to get down to their level, so that they can see all these cues and be less likely to feel intimidated by an adult towering over them. …show more content…
You should also remember information children have previously given you and show an interest in them. This can be as simple as taking an interest in a hobby they have mentioned. This not only shows them that you are actively listening but also models the conversational skills they need to develop and helps to build positive relationships. When speaking with children, it is important to be clear that you have both understood key points. You can also model use of language by repeating information back to children to show the correct use.
The school setting plays an important role in providing children with frequent and varied opportunities to communicate. In my setting, I like to give children the chance to discuss ideas together in pairs, before asking for responses to my questions. This provides children who are less confident in speaking with adults to reflect on what they wish to say and how they will say

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