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  • Importance Of Table Tennis Rules

    side of the table, the first player to score 11 points wins the game. Table size and Layout The table tennis table has to be 9 ft long and 5 ft wide also has to be 2.5 ft high and the height of the net which is in the center of the table should be 15.25cm. Surface of the table The surface of the table can be made out of anything as long as it has a uniform bounce off 9 inches from drop from 12 inches. Number of players…

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  • Equality In Sports

    Students will play together and begin growing together as a team and they will begin to have a rhythm. Like any player on a team each student will want to be the best player and will begin to take extra time to get better and because the students would not be discriminated against there would be no players that “played like a girl’ or that were only good players because they were “tomboys.” Students would all be measured with the same skills and would then grow as a team. Sports that…

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  • Analysis Of Bread And Circuses By David Ewalt

    themselves as a person who is apathetic to sports and do not understand the purpose of them. People challenge the idea of how sports are safe and why athletes are admired as much as they are; however, there are many ideas on how they protect their players and engage the audience into what is going on. Although David Ewalt states that football is similar to “blood sports,” his statement is extreme because the sport’s motive is to build community and a safer environment for the athletes and…

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  • Obstacles In Sport

    the body is then lifted off the ground and the shoulder muscles and the latissimus dorsi is then used, it adducts, extends and rotates the arm to follow through and hit the ball. The triceps are then used and contract to get full power. The tennis player will then jump and the latissimus dorsi will come in use again. Then the racket will come down over the ball and hit it, the arm will now have done a full rotation. The serve uses a combination of horizontal and vertical movements. Horizontal…

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  • The Role Of Physics In Ice Hockey

    The article that explains how physics play a role in hockey. In this paper, I will be talking about skating, hockey stick, slapshot, and hockey puck. While a hockey player skate pushes off with his rear leg, a perpendicular energy is exerted on the skate by the ice. The factor of the force that point onward is what thrusts the player forward. At the same time, his other skate is either raised up or gliding on the ice. As he moves forward he then switches to the other leg and pushes off the ice…

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  • Mcgonigal's Four Types Of Games

    types and forms of games: single-player, multiplayer, massively multiplayer, personal computer (PC), console, hand-held device, mobile phone, and of course on the fields or courts, boards, or just plain of cards. So what makes a game a game? Games have a unique structure that when someone is playing a game, they just know it. There are four defining traits of a game: the goal, a specific outcome that players work to achieve; the rules, which places limitations on players and how they will…

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  • How Can Football Be Unsafe

    those football players are getting real bad injuries. The players are having fun most of the time and that isn't a problem, however, they will not get to have fun if they get so many injuries. There are tons of people that love football and one day might become a football player. Those people don't really know that football players have health problems because when the football players head-butt each other, it causes them to have a concussion. These injuries may even cause the player to lose…

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  • Sherlock Holmes Search For Clues Analysis

    “Sherlock Holmes: Search for clues” is a pervasive game, and the concept of the game is that each gamer will become a detective and try to find all the clues in our environment in order to solve the case. First, players will be given a story based on their current location. Every location has different storyline and different clues that needed to be found. The clues are hidden in all of the places near them, and they need to walk through the cities to get these clues and solve the problem.…

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  • Social Media's Influence On Sports

    This question refers to NBA players posting on social media and how it influences fans, other NBA players, the public or the world’s opinion about them as individual NBA players. Finding the information for this question was not easy, but it was manageable. Majority of the information found for the research topic was by researching on popular sports websites (Bleacher Report, ESPN), but a survey was also used to gather information as well as researching through NBA players accounts on social…

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  • Personal Narrative Summary: 'Allegory Of The Cave'

    According to Wikipedia, “A baseball glove is a large leather glove worn by baseball players of the defending team, which assists players in catching and fielding balls hit by a batter or thrown from a teammate.” To some that do not know the game, a baseball glove is a brown piece of leather to catch a baseball, but to me it has a lot more meaning. The smell of the glove, breaking it in just how it should be, and best of all making a sensational diving play is what I love the most about my glove.…

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