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  • Argumentative Essay On Youth Football

    Youth football has been part of American sports for many decades. As I was sitting in class pondering a topic, I suddenly came upon the idea to tackle the question which as of late is a popular one. Is youth football a healthy sport to be played by our youth? I have a nephew 13 years old currently playing the sport, which by the way I myself refused to play. Most recently during a game which I had attended at Northview middle school where my nephew goes, a teammate of my nephew was going through…

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  • Ehab Jawergy Research Paper

    interviewing essay for my English class. I interviewed Ehab Gawergy, who is my dad and a professional soccer player. Ehab is now 46 years old and has a family of 2 boys (Gerges and Beshoy) and his wife, Suzan. Ehab is from Cairo, Egypt and came with his family to the U.S in july of 2009. He now lives in Nashville, Tennessee with his family. Ehab was a great soccer player and played as professional soccer player when he was twenty. Soccer to Ehab was not only a sport, but also a passion and a…

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  • The Future In Trying To Stop Concussions

    future could be as easy as making helmet to helmet hits illegal in the game and penalize the player. And in the pros they could possible fine the players for the helmet to helmet hits which they have started to do. If a player does get a possible concussion scientist are looking into being able to take a quick blood sample on the sideline, like if you were checking blood sugar, and test it to see if the player has an elevated protein level, which the brain releases into the blood after a brain…

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  • What Are The Similarities Between Pokemon Go And Obesity

    the Pokémon business decided to find a way to increase the views and fans of the animated series. They constructed a game app called Pokémon Go. The game is an app on a smart phone and/ or a tablet. Pokémon Go is an interactive game, that makes the player go inside or outside to find the Pokémon characters that pop up. If a Pokémon character is caught, then it is a step closer to getting to the next level. The game was popular, because it promotes good health. Unfortunately, the game became…

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  • Persuasive Speech On Concussions In Sports

    inhumane to the players if they are not given the recommended downtime that physicians suggest after a concussion. Glancing at article three from the Virginia Board of Education shows cataclysmic longer term symptoms of concussions such as depression, increased possibility of suicide, emotional distress and more. This raises the question of "is the act of allowing a player back into the playing field ethical?" Is winning the game really that much higher on the priority list over the player 's…

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  • The Importance Of Roberto Carlos's Ability To Curve A Soccer

    The ability to curve a soccer ball is a skill that both players and coaches know is difficult and requires a lot of practice to perfect. When defenders are aligned tightly in a wall to block a shot, it may seem to some spectators that it is an easy target to score in the undefended portion of the goal. However to get the ball in the net the striker must place the ball accurately. To make the ball go down in time it cannot go too high over the wall of defenders. The sticker has to maintain tight…

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  • Charlie Legg Observation

    (under19) of city college Plymouth. This session was observed during the 16th of November at 3:00 o’clock. The session was done in an hour and a half. When the session started the coach started talking with the player about what they want to train on that specific day, this allowed the player to analyse their own weaknesses and decide what to do to work on them, the coach then steps back and reflects on what they are doing and gives pointers from time to time. Cassidy, Jones and Potrac (2009)…

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  • Characteristics Of A Lacrosse Essay

    about how tall you are, and its not about how tall they are Its about which player has worked for this moment more. And which player is going to put everything he has into the sport.” Through my life has a midfielder everyone always knew me as the feisty little kid that was not scared to go after the kids that were double my size. As I look back into my childhood, if I didn’t have the mentality that I had I wouldn’t be the player I am today. Strength in lacrosse isn’t all about hitting, having…

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  • The Lacrosse Stick Phenomenon

    quite a while ago took care of stick called a crosse or lacrosse stick. It is regularly considered as a harsh sport. The leader of the lacrosse stick is hung with free work intended to catch and hold the lacrosse ball. Lacrosse is a contact group activity played between two groups utilizing a little elastic ball and a since Upsettingly, the goal of the amusement is to score by shooting the ball into a rival's objective past the goalie, utilizing the lacrosse stick to catch, support, and pass the…

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  • Importance Of Shooting Guard

    The point guard will need have good coordination and should be the most confident player when passing as they will be communicating with the ball to other team mates as well as defending the ball and traveling towards the opposite team’s basket. The point guard should also be aware of the team’s tactics to ensure they play well and how to maintain the correct tempo on the court, they should also be fast and able to identify a good opportunity to shoot and position their teammates accordingly.…

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