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  • Gynodioecious Species Essay

    Objectives and Hypotheses The chief objective of the proposed dissertation is to study the gynodioecious breading system in a phylogenetic and ecological framework focusing on tree species of early angiosperms. Along the way, this involves several additional goals. Chapter 1. The first objective is to determine whether floral dimorphism is translated into gynodioecism in Lauraceae, the phylogenetic relationship with other breeding systems in Lauraceae. Results would provide steady evidence…

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  • Positive Or Negative Effects Of Genetically Modified Organisms On The Environment?

    Since GMOs (or genetically modified organisms) were introduced in the mid-1990s, allergies and other health problems including reproductive disorders and autism have been escalating. Time and time again, genetically modified foods have been presented as being “the same” as their organic counterparts, so that the labeling of them in unnecessary, but the facts seem to sing a different song. Genetically modifying foods has been praised for the impressive number of crops the practice yields with the…

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  • Epidemiology: The Use Of The Coca Plant

    Although the use of the coca plant dates back as far as 3000 B.C when the Incas would chew on the leaves to offset the effects of living at a high altitude, cocaine was not discovered until 1859 when "German chemist Albert Niemann first extracted cocaine from the coca plant 's leaves" (History of Cocaine Dec. 9, 2016). Unfortunately, even after the discovery of cocaine, it wasn 't until the 1880 's when research into the medical applications of the drug truly began. (History of Cocaine Dec. 9,…

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  • The Promise Of Biotechnology And The Threat Of World Hunger

    fighting against the hunger since the Green Revolution in the 20th Century, but we still have a long way to walk before its end (Borlaug, N. E. (October 2000). Ending World Hunger. The Promise of Biotechnology and the Threat of Antiscience Zealotry. Plant Physiology vol. 124 no. 2 487-490. Retrieved from That is why I believe that the Genetically Engineered (GE) food have a important role in feeding the future world population, because…

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  • Gram Seeds Embryo Research

    germination the seeds absorb water either through the micropyle(pore like opening) it is present or through the testa(outer seed coat) when it is permeable.The entry of water actives the embryo cells.Ones soaked for the required time,the part of the plant that first emerges from the seed is the embryonic root known as the radicle allows the seedling to anchor it self to the ground and start absorbing water.After the root…

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  • Vicia Faba Seeds Essay

    40 “Yates” Vicia Faba seeds were selected and measured using a millimetre ruler, ensuring that all selected seeds were kept within a size range of 3mm in diameter. Each one of the 8 pots was filled with 8dm3 of soil and given a label using the marking pen, indicating the concentration of gibberellic acid that would be poured into it. 5 Vicia Faba seeds were placed in each pot and buried into the soil at a consistent depth of 1cm. The distance between each seed and adjacent seeds was kept at a…

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  • Seed Germination Experiment

    Each seed has to go through the process of seed germination before they become a plant. With the right temperature and amount of water, the seed should start germinating within a couple days. The oxygen and water…

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  • Negative Consequences Of Lead/Acid Battery

    The available technology points toward the use of lead/acid batteries to supply the power for ZEVs. The negative consequences associated with lead/acid batteries are numerous. For example, lead/acid batteries contain a large amount of lead. When the life of the battery is lost, the disposal of the lead within the battery must be dealt with appropriately. An analysis by researchers at Carnegie-Mellon found that the mass production of electric cars using lead/acid battery packs would exponentially…

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  • Malnutrition Is A Solution To Genetically Modified Food?

    that make people suspicious. Many of the concerned scientists and anti-GM groups are in fact asking for control and regulations on these crops for as it stands they are considered a free-for- all-activity. There have been reports for example of GM plants that skip the field trials .One such example is in 2006 when rice with bacteria bacillus thuringienis found its way to European supermarkets without field trials. The rice created in a bid to offer resistance to insects had not yet been approved…

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  • Pepperwood Preserve Study

    Figure 1: Pepperwood Preserve study system for U. californica for susceptibility of P. ramorum depicted by climate and topography aerial map. No image rights are owned and the map was created by Celeste Dodge. Two red boxes in bottom right of the image indicates the approximate location of the two study sites. In October of 2016, bay leaves were collected at Pepperwood Preserve, Sonoma County at a study system composed of mixed evergreen forest that interfaces with nearby serpentine grasslands…

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