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  • Persuasive Essay: Turkey Hunting

    Have you ever wondered where your turkey came from when it comes down to sitting down for the Thanksgiving meal? Most people go to the store to buy their turkey but some go to the woods to get their animal. I have been turkey hunting since I was twelve years old and have spent many hours in preparation to be able to go out and hunt. Turkey hunting requires stealth and a lot of patience. After many years, I have gotten much better at hunting turkeys and have had many unsuccessful years hunting them. Turkey hunting is a very hard task, but is worthwhile and is one of my favorite pastimes. Having the right gear is the most important part of hunting. Turkey season lasts from May 1st until May 31st and you are only allowed to hunt until noon. Also, you have to enjoy early mornings when it comes to hunting because you will need to be in your hunting spot in the dark. At five in the morning you must head to your hunting area. The most important part of your preparation is the clothes. You must wear camo on your entire body with a facemask because turkeys have very good eyesight. Next, you will need to pick your shotgun with the correct ammo. Any shotgun will work as long as you use a form of a turkey load and are experienced with the weapon. Also, you will need to learn how to use turkey calls and decoys. The decoys will need to be pumped up the night before to reduce the time you spend in the morning. Learning the calls can be very hard. There is the box call, mouth call, and…

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  • Wild Turkey Research Paper

    have stayed up and well is because of all the work the DNR divisions and NWTF groups have done. They protect them by teaching the hunters about the wild turkey and its importance, and by also enforcing seasons and bag limits. Some special facts about the Wild Turkey is that its North Americas largest gamebird and also the most hunted after ducks. Also that it was almost created as the Nations national bird by Benjamin Franklin, but the Bald Eagle was voted to be it instead. Many hunters who are…

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  • The Importance Of Living In The Arctic Tundra

    in hillsides and curl together to sleep. They are also apart of the Canidae Family. The Snowy Owl eats Lemmings, this is a predator prey situation. Since they are both animals in the same Biome the Snowy Owl searches for Lemmings to eat. The Owl is the Predator and the Lemming is prey. Snowy Owl's wingspan is four to five and a half feet wide. Owls are very talented and flexible. They can turn their heads two hundred seventy degrees in both directions. Snowy Owls are in the Strigiformes Family.…

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