Persuasive Essay: Turkey Hunting

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Have you ever wondered where your turkey came from when it comes down to sitting down for the Thanksgiving meal? Most people go to the store to buy their turkey but some go to the woods to get their animal. I have been turkey hunting since I was twelve years old and have spent many hours in preparation to be able to go out and hunt. Turkey hunting requires stealth and a lot of patience. After many years, I have gotten much better at hunting turkeys and have had many unsuccessful years hunting them. Turkey hunting is a very hard task, but is worthwhile and is one of my favorite pastimes.
Having the right gear is the most important part of hunting. Turkey season lasts from May 1st until May 31st and you are only allowed to hunt until noon.
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First, you want to find a spot that will cover you and will allow you to shoot in a field. Next, you want to set up your decoys twenty yards away to allow them to draw attention away from you and to keep the other turkeys occupied while you try to shoot them. Once you hear the turkeys begin to gobble, you can begin to call. It may take a few different calls to try to find out what the turkeys will respond to. As they come out of roost, the gobblers will begin to gobble more often and the noise will increase as they move closer. If the calling begins to get very loud then you must get your shotgun ready and begin to restrict your movement to prevent them from busting you. Shooting a turkey can be very hard because you must shoot them in the red part of their head. As the turkey gets within range of you being able to shoot, you must move very little and not speak. You must pull up your shotgun on their head and pull the trigger. After shooting you can pick up the turkey and head home to dress the animal to eat. This is the second hardest part of hunting because it may take many attempts to successfully call and shoot a turkey. Turkeys are one of the most challenging animals to hunt because of their eyesight and good hearing. Hunting them requires the right spring weather, the right gear, an easy winter the year before, and an area that has a lot of turkeys. They are super exciting to hunt because they gobble and cluck

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