Persuasive Speech On Deer Hunting

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Bam!! All of a sudden you see a flash of brown cross in front of you as you are driving from your parents’ house after visiting for Thanksgiving, you try to stop to avoid hitting the deer, but you end up hitting it and spinning out into the ditch causing you a lot of money in damage that has happened to your vehicle. That happens to many people in a year; there were 1.23 million car accidents involving deer and vehicles between July 2, 2011 and June 30, 2012. Many people think deer hunting should be illegal, but they don’t think about all the car wrecks that happen due to the deer, how much crops they eat from farm land, also how much landscaping they destroy from bucks making rubs and scrapes, they destroy a lot of fences, and how people use …show more content…
The time of year when the deer mate is during October, November, and December that is when the does are in heat. During that time the bucks are trailing the does trail day and night until the bucks find the does they have been looking for. Every year there are approximately one and half million car accidents caused by deer. That causes about one billion dollars in vehicle damage and some peoples lives. Hunting, people may say, is a major reason that deer are pushed out of there bedding areas, and into the road causing accidents. Since hunting season is during the rut people can blame the car accidents all on us hunters that deer are being pushed out into the open and onto roads and being end up getting hit. Most hunters hunt in blinds and tree stands and are as quiet as possible, we try not to scare the deer out of the property we have permission because that would be a shame not to have any deer in your property, that’s why the hunters try to be as restless as possible. Deer cause many problems for farmers, they destroy the farmers’ crops and many of their

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