Essay A Discourse Community Analysis Of A Duck Hunting Club

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A Fowl Obsession:
A Discourse Community Analysis of a Duck Hunting Club Some may consider duck hunting a hobby and some consider it a lifestyle. Many duck hunting clubs see that only two things going on in a year, that’s duck season and the time leading up till duck season. This is an exaggeration in some cases, however if the case of my duck hunting club know, as Fowl Play Duck Club we take duck hunting seriously. There are three generations of hunters in this club. The ole’ boys’ hunters who basically are our grandfather’s age. The seasoned hunters that are our dad’s ages. Then the young gun my friends and I, making the knowledge and skills vast and wide.
Summary of Swales Definition of Discourse Community Swales says that in order for a group of people to be considered a discourse community they must meet six key characteristics. The first is “A discourse community has a broadly agreed set of common goals.” (Swales 220). Meaning that the goal of the community is the same in our case, that’s hunting ducks and preserving the art of duck hunting. The second “A discourse community has mechanisms of communication among its members” (221). Showing that communication is key for anything. The way my club communicates is far from formal, its mostly texts or whenever when run into each other. The third “A discourse community uses its participatory mechanisms primarily to provide information and feedback” (221). The way all the young guns learn is by doing and listening…

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