The Importance Of Living In The Arctic Tundra

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Arctic Tundra

Have you ever wondered what Biome you live in? Maybe you live in two or three. There are so many things around us that could be an answer to that question. You might live in the Arctic Tundra Biome. The Arctic Tundra is a very different place compared to most. There is very little plant and animal life unlike other Biomes which are very populated with the living organisms. The Tundra is thought to be very cold and unlively and some people are right, but it isn’t always like that. Animals are very interesting in the Tundra because it is usually cold, they have to find ways to keep warm. Although they are already adapted to the weather it can be hard sometimes. Plants are the same way. Plants are their own species and have to
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Plants are rare, but important in the Tundra. They provide food for the animals, but because it is so cold they have a hard time growing and staying alive. If there wasn’t food for the animals there would be no Tundra Biome with anything living in it. Tundra plants are very unique, because they really do survive on very little. One of the biggest problems in the tundra biome is permafrost. Permafrost covers over seventy five percent of the land in the Tundra Biome. Permafrost is when the ground freezes and thaws and freezes and thaws. Some of the plants in the Tundra are Arctic Moss, Caribou Moss, Arctic Willow, Tufted Saxifrage, Bearberry, Diamond Leaf Willow, Labrador Tea, Pasque Flower. Starting with the Arctic moss it has to survive in winds over a hundred miles per hour. The moss also has a want for nutrients and doesn’t get that. It is part of the Calliergon Genus. Next is the Bearberry. The Bearberry is a small green plant that has red berries. It sits really close to the ground because it is safer for the plant. By being close to the ground it protects it from the harsh winds and cold. It also has fuzzy leaves. The fuzzy leaves are to keep it warm from the really really low temperatures. It tries to keep itself warm. Bearberries are in the Arctostaphylos Genus. The last plant is a flower. You may not think there would be flowers in the Tundra… but there are. If you think about it, you're probably thinking don’t they need water, …show more content…
It gets chilly compared to the Tundra. Temperature in the Winter, on average, is negative thirty four degrees. The average Summer temperature is anywhere from three to twelve. So whether or not it is Winter or Summer it is freezing all of the time. Climate in the Tundra is rocky and snowy. Lots of animals use the hills with rocks for dens or to huddle to stay warm. The animals in the Tundra climate appreciate the rocks and hills. Overall the Tundra has very straight and flat land. This is probably one reason as to why the wind is so bad. There are no buildings, houses, or anything to block the wind.

In this Food pyramid it explains predator verses prey. Food pyramids explain who eats who. This pyramid explains that the animals eat the plants and the animals eat animals until you reach the top. Then it starts over again and keeps going. All of the animals have to eat that’s why it is a process.

The Arctic Tundra Biome is a very unique biome. It is cold and rocky. There is Predator and Prey just like other biomes. It is just like other biomes, just less vegetation and animals that are closer together to keep warm. Tundra is in a very northern and very southern location. Watch out for plants and animals because they go hand in hand. Now that you know about Tundra, do you want to know more or would you go

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