Wild Turkey Research Paper

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For my project I have chosen to do the Wild Turkey of North America, the scientific name is Meleagris gallopavo. It is the largest and most popular gamebird to hunt in the states. In the United States, there are four main species of turkeys, the Eastern, Merriam, Osceola, and the Rio. The Eastern lives in the southern states, examples are Georgia and Alabama. The Merriam lives in the northern, to northeast section of the U.S, an example is Nebraska. Osceola lives in the deep south of Florida. Then the Rio lives in the southwestern part of the U.S, an example is Texas. The four different subspecies of turkeys all live in different environments and habitats. The Eastern lives in hardwood, and pine forests. Also occupies openings like fields and pastures and clear cuts left from logging sites. The Rio lives a very dry and spacious habitat, consisting of grass flats and large cattle or farmlands, and can also be found in shrubby underbrush and thick covered areas. The Merriam lives in wide open pasture land and prairies. Then roost on tree lines that are left …show more content…
The reason the wild turkey populations have stayed up and well is because of all the work the DNR divisions and NWTF groups have done. They protect them by teaching the hunters about the wild turkey and its importance, and by also enforcing seasons and bag limits. Some special facts about the Wild Turkey is that its North Americas largest gamebird and also the most hunted after ducks. Also that it was almost created as the Nations national bird by Benjamin Franklin, but the Bald Eagle was voted to be it instead. Many hunters who are avid turkey hunters, try and complete what they call the grand slam, which is killing all four birds in the United States. The full classification of the Wild Turkey is, Kingdom: Animalia- Phylum: Chordata- Class: Aves- Order: Galliformes- Family: Phasianidae- Subfamily: Meleagridinae- Genus: Meleagris

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