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  • Effects Of Collective Traumatic Memory In Palestinian Resistance Literature

    Collective Traumatic Memory in Palestinian Resistance Poetry Marian MacCurdy, in the Mind’s Eye, defines trauma “any assault to the body or psyche that is so overwhelming … [it] is an event that that shatters belief systems about life, beliefs that help us operate in the world” (16). The phenomenon of trauma, some argue, is closely related to modernity. Freud believes that the industrial revolution helped crystallize trauma more clearly because the former provided social conditions for possible traumatic situations and symptoms. A person experiencing a traumatic event “will be traumatized depend[ing] on the particular sensitivity of the person” (Kaplan 26). A traumatic event caused by war neurosis, for example, may trigger early traumatic happenings and “how a victim will respond depends on the particular situation, on an individual’s specific psychic history and formation and on the context for the event” (Kaplan 38). Trauma is a special form of memory. It produces emotions and disrupts the normal feeling of comfort. Radstone states that “trauma theorists associate trauma not with the effects of triggered associations but with the ontologically unbearable nature of the event itself” (Kaplan 35). Similarly, David Becker states that “trauma can only be understood with reference to the specific contexts in which it occurs” (qtd. in Kaplan 39). When someone is studying trauma, they are not only looking at the individual but also at those surrounding the trauma and suffering…

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  • Qualitative Research Paradigm

    a living theory researcher can use methods and draw insights from a range of other methodologies and theories, such as Action Research, Narrative Enquiry, Self-Study, Participatory Research, Autoethnography, Ethnography, Grounded Theory, Critical Theory and Case Study, as well as various quantitative methods. The purpose of qualitative research is to make sense of the subject matter in terms of meanings that people bring to them. Denzin and Lincoln (2008) liken the process as someone “who…

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  • Identity Development And Gender Development Frameworks

    that it is both holistic, capturing the life course of youth that may lead to various later outcomes, but is also amenable to specific research questions about mechanisms that contribute to gender gaps. Others have taken sociological, psychological, or cognitive approaches (Xie et al., 2015). The benefit of a developmental approach is that it is ecological—it incorporates social, biological, and psychological factors. To give the framework analytical leverage, I focus on a key developmental task…

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  • Gustavus Vassa's The Interesting Narrative And Other Writings

    Vassa’s, memoir The Interesting Narrative and Other Writings further expands readers’ knowledge on the topic of slavery, by describing the brutalities and adversities the author witnessed and experienced as a slave. What is unique about Equiano’s narrative is that because his account provides a personal view into the life of an actual African slave, his book provides the specific vivid detail that accurately acknowledges the reasons why slavery was in fact so terrible. Olaudah Equiano personal…

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  • The Personology And Personal Theory: The Perspective Of Personality

    The perspective on personality which I most identify with is the personological and life story perspective. The personological and life story perspectives stress that to understand someone 's personality, one must focus on their life story and personal history. Each person has unique life experiences that shape their identities. The personology approach recognizes that the physical, psychological, and sociological aspects of a person’s past can help to better understand the whole person. The…

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  • Narratives: Personal And Social Challenges

    affected by illness it is easy to feel alone, or that your personal and social identity is being challenged or called into question. Narratives are a way for people who are considered “ill” by societies standards to “...accomplish a number of important goals, serving one’s personal and social identities. These writings put a face on disability” (Ryan, 2006). The two articles written by Freeman (1997) bring into view the lives and challenges of Jason 11, and Sophia 13, with regards to the mental…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Career Counseling

    While the life design approach to career counseling may take longer than traditional approaches, Hughes et al. (2013) argued that it is much more effective. However, there are several limitations that may negatively affect this approach, as it pertains to this study. First, since this approach takes several sessions, the clients have to be motivated and committed throughout the process. Second, Hughes et al. (2013) provided a fictitious case study (that was a conglomeration of actual cases)…

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  • Prisoner Autobiographies

    conversation on the content regarding prisoner autobiographies has resulted in a growing body of literature. In recent years narratives have gained ascendance in psychology and sociology as well, such that they now occupy a vital role in theories of social life (Presser 2009). There have been studies done on this topic from philosophers such as Michele Foucault. The literature points to the positive effect that these prisoner autobiographies can be used to grasp a better understanding of the…

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  • Free Work Theory: Integrative Theory Of Social Work

    (NASW). When thinking about how I, as a social worker, will integrate my personal values with social work theoretical models and social work practice principles, the values or principles that I personally tend to put more emphasis on are: dignity and worth of the person, importance of human relationships, and integrity. To me, these are imperative elements of social work practice that I would like to keep at the forefront of my mind while working in cohesion with clients. The value of…

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  • Frederick Douglas, An American Slavery: Creating And Reflecting On History

    Creating and Reflecting on History The Narrative of The Life of Frederick Douglas, An American Slave, Written by Himself, recounts Frederick Douglas’ experiences as a slave through personal testimony that illustrates his journey to freedom. This autobiography’s importance goes beyond telling a narrative about the life of a fugitive slave, as it became an integral part of the antislavery movement. Frederick Douglas’ interpretation of the treatment he faced as a slave and his escape for freedom…

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