Jealousy Essay

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Fear of being replaced
According to (Davis, 1936) “Descartes declares jealousy as a kind of fear related to a desire to preserve a possession.” Or else known as property. Property is a fixed amount of rights, obligations, and agreements. In a relationship each should feel as though their significant others is their property. Other example is they should feel as they only get to experience/share special characteristics of that other person. Jealousy arises when their property is threatened. This is the fear of being replaced. Object; public, owner, and rival are factors in jealousy and why someone fears replacement. Object is described by the need, vanity, pride and love of protection. Public has views to the world; along with the social world
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“The object is not valued for itself, but simply as a means of satisfying the need; it may be bought, sold, and substituted” (Davis, 1936). This entails the need of having a girlfriend/boyfriend for their efforts and work. In a romantic relationship a couple cares for one another. People need to know they can depend or have someone take care of them. In need of an object a person does not have desire for the public to know of their property. An example is needing to eat food to satisfy your hunger.
Vanity is using the object to make oneself look better. “When an object is valued not for the satisfaction of a need but for the response it elicits in one’s neighbors, and when the only connection between owner and object is mere possession, a new property situation is apparent” (Davis, 1936) Vanity is taking pride in one for an audience. This is very self-absorbed. The relationship isn’t only for oneself but for the rest of the world to know. It is like being on a stage and having the envy of others
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“The object is some form of accomplishment, and reflects professional ability” (Davis, 1936). The public determines the ownership of a relationship and a person’s fulfillment of dreams. “All the public can do is recognize and protect it when it comes; it cannot create [pride] ” (Davis, 1936). Social media demonstrates pride, by posting of pictures for the world to see.
Public is open of viewing to everyone not apart of the relationship. Social media; such as facebook, instagram, twitter, and snapchat are essential in most teen’s daily use. People use social media to create an image for themselves for others to view. Social media “...offers a platform for self presentation” (Utz, & Beukeboom, 2011). Individuals all over the world create desirable identities to become popular and display
Often creeping/stalking on each other’s profile can lead to jealousy. “People can become jealous if they see their partner interacting with potential romantic partners on facebook” (Utz, & Beukeboom, 2011). Partners don’t know who their significant other is communicating with either, because instant messaging can easily be kept secret.
Public can be positive as well through pride; the posting pictures of the couple. A sign of a relationship has a potential of their profile picture. “Users can communicate with and about the partner via social network site.” (Utz, & Beukeboom,

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