Curtis Silver, The Quagmire Of Social Media Friendships

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In this society, not too many people realize that their social media friendships are not the same as a true friendship. According from Curtis Silver, the author of “The Quagmire of Social Media Friendships”, he argues that these social media relationships cause conflicts amongst people. His inner beliefs notice how people do not overlook their relationship with their friends. Silver points out to his readers that the Dunbar number theory illustrates the desire to prove that this is essential to figuring out the sufficient logic behind relationships. The greatest challenge is coming to a decision whether or not that the difference corresponds to one another. This creates discrepancies between true relationships and social media relationships, …show more content…
Furthermore, from a statistical standpoint,” It has been reported that approximately 61% or more of the teenagers have a social network site and much of the cyber bullying occurs totally off-campus as sites such as,, or; and with no adult supervision or control” (Will). Cyber bullying and harassment are becoming more known than it ever once did due to unprivileged controlling individuals and how these social media sites allow them to attract attention by interfering with others friends lives to where being put under pressure in unreal situations. Incidentally, Silver’s argument was how social media relationships are what is making this society crumble. Ultimately,“The advent of social networks has given us more “friends,” yet at the same time has diminished true friendships” (Silver 445). Social networks do tend its users the ability to acquire more friends, but sometimes allow true friendships to decline, since one has too many friends to sustain. Cyber bullying and harassment continue to receive more and more media attention worldwide. When it nationally gains attention, usually the picture is to how one will go far and beyond to committing suicide. A parent from the movie Bully talked about his son’s suicide by saying,” The last couple of days we had heard that he had his head shoved into a wall locker. Some kids had told him to go hang himself, that he was worthless. And I think he got to the point where enough was enough” (Merritt). Suicide should be the last option, but it is the agonizing words from others which made him want to end his own life. The best ideal solution to do if one is struggling with life is to talk to an adult about that ongoing issue and hopefully it will then be solved before the situation goes

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