Professionalism in Military Essay

  • The Importance Of Civilian Control Of The Military

    “The supremacy of the civil over the military is fundamental to the American system of government, and is wholeheartedly accepted by every officer and soldier in the military establishment.” General MacArthur wrote these words in his book Reminiscences, after he had been relieved from his command in Korea in 1951. Military subordination in civil-military relations would be uncontested in contemporary scholarly discussions, if his statement would have a perpetual validity. Civilian control of the military is the attempt of societies to find a solution to a paradox: Armed forces are created as masters of violence to protect the society against foreign threats, but because of its capacity for violence, this institution can likewise overthrow…

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  • Security Sector Reform In The Military

    The essence of security sector reform especially in the military according to Dun and Tar were to change institutional norms, support professionalism, advance resource utilisation and operational effectiveness (on the side of the military), better policy management (on the side of civil authorities), in consonant with accountability and respect for human rights and international law and involving inputs from a variety of stakeholders and actors (Dunn, and Tar, 2008: 23). Effective post…

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  • Short Term Career Goals Essay

    What are my short-term career goals? What are my long-term career goals? Planning a successful future will need to start with goal setting. A person greatest achievement did not come over night. I have always put goals in place and set to achieve them. When I say goals I mean accomplishment not too easy to obtain but a little challenging to appreciate the hard work. My short term goal to being successful both in the military and as a civilian is to obtain my Bachelor of Science degree this…

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  • The Importance Of Professionalism In The Army

    Everyone has the basic requirements for being professional otherwise, they would not have been able to join but there is more to professionalism than just using the word. It is the way they act, talk and look in front of others, especially those outside of the service. Being professional will help and individual a great deal. Whether they remain in the military or get out professionalism is needed in all organizations. If they decide to remain in the military that professionalism will help…

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  • Strong Sense Of Personal And Professional Ligrity

    and professional integrity? I have exhibited strong integrity while in the military service. In the army one of the seven-army values is integrity. In the military I would come across several brass ammunition cartridges. On military based there are gun ranges who like to buy military cartridges because they can just refill the with a primer and gunpowder. Once they are filled they are sold to the civilian for triple the price that the dealer would by it from. Dealer would often offer me…

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  • The Importance Of A Chain Of Service

    demonstrate their inherent abilities. While there might be a belief that veterans are ill-equipped for the corporate world. I intend to present an informative case showing that veterans are well-equipped and willing to demonstrate their ingrained leadership, motivation, and professionalism. All of which traits are needed to succeed in the corporate world and lead to an employee inspiring their fellow colleagues and furthering the institution. Every soldier through history has honed their…

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  • Ethical Issues In Police Officers

    ethics and professionalism if he accepted the free sandwich. Furthermore, if the police officer accepts gratuity the probability of presenting future problems exist. Each police department has a code of ethics and professional conduct police officer follow, and not excepting gratuity is a part of that ethics code. In some police departments, ethics and professionalism is synonymous in definition. Accepting benefits from citizens, the officer is in a situation where the person offering the…

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  • Discrimination Of Tattoos In Society

    Tattoos have been around for quite some time now and play a major part in society. However, there is an unwritten law stating that tattoos in the work place are unacceptable. In the United States 42% of adults have at least one or more tattoos. Yet, 73% of people say they would hire staff that had visible tattoos. Discrimination of tattoos in the work place is an outdated trend among companies in today’s society. Professionalism should not be determined by how you look because it is how you…

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  • Hr Role In The Military

    behavioral health as the HR functions effect Soldiers mental well-being (Schrader, 2008). Soldiers with personal unresolved issues will be ineffective to the military. “HR support includes all activities and functions executed within the Army Personnel Life Cycle Model (Acquire, Develop, Distribute, Structure, Deploy, Compensate, Transition, and Sustain) to man the force and provide personnel support and services to Soldiers, their Families, DoD civilians, and contractors” (Headquarters…

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  • The Importance Of Values In The Air Force

    Italy has a great history of philosophers and some of them, starting from St. Augustine and St. Thomas Aquinas, had a relevant impact in shaping today’s ethics. Values such as discipline, loyalty, allegiance, subordination, obedience, and setting the example that are present in the capstone documents of the Armed Forces have been always present in the Italian military tradition. Those values have characterized the military people raising them to a higher standard within the society in…

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