Argumentative Essay: What Is The American Dream?

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Your time to come to the United States is getting closer and closer. I can’t wait to see your family and you. I am sorry I didn’t get to respond earlier to your letters. I know how excited you are too come to America. You wish to live the “American dream” like everyone else here. But let me tell you, it is not what you think it is. The books you read and movies you watch about America being so “great” is not true. What is the American dream? The American Dream is the pursuit of prosperity and opportunity that drives people to push their own limits and persevere in order to lead successful lives and achieve whatever goals they set. Where life is good, life is comfortable. But this “dream” is not assessable for everyone. The dream is more for the rich and benefited people like company owners. Everyday …show more content…
This essay will argue that the American dream is harmful farce that blinds citizens to the injustice stacked up against them; it is an illusion that creates a false sense of hope in citizens living in poverty, a self-made man is left sick and disabled, and a man is left poor and unhappy seeking for life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. One portion of the American dream is a myth saying that, America is the land of “opportunity” and “upward mobility”. Both Dulce Pinzon’s Photo essay and Eric Schlosser’s article “The Most Dangerous Job,” challenge this myth. Both articles show how not everyone is able to move upward. Rather it’s a false saying that many believe in which they think that one day they will live the “American Dream.” There are people who live in poverty and who struggle, against all odds to save money for a future that they probably will never live to see materialized. Schlosser talks about a Guatemalan immigrant who came to America looking for work. She works at a meat processing plant all day then goes home and sharpens her knives: “One IBP worker, a small Guatemalan woman with graying hair, spoke with me in the cramped kitchen of her mobile

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