Peripheral vascular disease

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  • Future Genes For Children In The Future

    Children of the Future Genes Have you ever had a family member or rather a parent with a genetic disease? If in such a situation, many of us will ask ourselves about the chances of our children will inherit the disease. Many people would want their parents to undergo the tests in order to determine the possibility of passing over the genetic disease to the next generation. Genetic disease are conditions passed from one parents to children, and with the modern world, most children always wish to…

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  • Human Genome Project Essay

    One finding from the Human Genome Project includes the identification of “approximately 200 disease-related genes” (Ginsberg, Nackerud & Larrison, 2004, p. 118). This finding impacts our understanding of human behavior as it gives a better biological understanding of these diseases and it helps social workers to be better advocates for those who have these diseases. Our need to understand the diseases that affect our clients is one of the most important components of social work. Using social…

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  • Animal Testing

    once they were used as test subjects. Animals have proven to be a source for testing since they have similar genetics and organ functions; however they have also proven to be difficult subjects for testing since they have different replications of disease and reactions. Animals’ genetic material is similar to the humans. Scientists are now beginning to use…

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  • Reflection On Morrie's Life As A Social Activist

    sociology at Brandeis University and was a well accomplished and respected educator who enjoyed dancing. During summer in 1994 Morrie Schwartz was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease; he died 4 years later. After learning of his disease, Morrie decided to make the act of death and dying into a scholastic opportunity: The living would learn from his experience with death. "When you learn how to die," Morrie said, "you learn how to live."…

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  • Genetic Engineering: Designer Babies

    (Lerner). IVF comes after the embryo is created in the lab with the desired genes. Louis Brown was the first IVF baby to be born, he is also known as the first "test tube baby." The designer babies are not usually the ones engineered to not get disease, but the ones engineered to be a girl and have blue eyes. Genetic engineering is not only used in humans though, it is also used to produce medicine and in agriculture. Before this process was developed, the only source for insulin was from…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Genetic Modification

    possibilities ranging from hair color to intellect. There are several reasons that genetic modification is wrong, however; for example, parents should love their children no matter what. The only reasons genetic modification should be accepted is to rid of diseases and disorders in a child’s genes. Genetic modification may seem like a swell process for parents that want a perfect child, but it is wrong and unfair to the child unless it is to possibly save his or her life. Some people may argue…

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  • Ms. Rankin Soul Medicine Analysis

    her prescriptions and modern medicine I would not be blessed to have her in my life as long as I have. Modern medicine looks out for Americans; just look at the copious organizations and nonprofits dedicated to curing cancer, alzheimer 's, heart disease, breast cancer; just to name a few. Rankin’s claims were generally agreeable, however I believe her reasonings behind those claims are not considering other extraneous factors and the beneficial effects of medication and modern…

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  • I Want To Be An Epidemiologist Essay

    fairy tales. However, growing older and more mature, I discovered a huge interest in science and helping others, leading me to choose to become an epidemiologist. An epidemiologist is a “health professional who investigates patterns and causes of disease and injury in humans” (“Summary”). To accomplish my dream of attending the University of Notre Dame to get a master’s degree in epidemiology, I have to research the education or training requirements, consider the salary and benefits offered,…

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  • Why Is Genetic Engineering Bad

    a more popular topic every year, but doctors and gene specialist should spend more time looking for cures to diseases; rather than pleasing the hunger of ungrateful and unsatisfied parents. Playing God is a dangerous game that inevitably ends with a monster. If society eventually allows genetic…

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  • Ethical Issues In Genetic Counseling

    The results of carrier tests, which show overlap between carriers and non-carriers can be incorporated in a Bayesian calculation. Polymorphic DNA markers linked to the disease locus can be used in many single gene disorders for carrier detection, preclinical diagnosis and prenatal diagnosis. 2. Determine the recurrence risk in autosomal recessive disorders such as thalassemia. With an autosomal recessive condition, the…

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