Pendleton Civil Service Reform Act

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  • Richard Hayes: Civil Service Reform

    Along with leading the country through the end of reconstruction, Hayes fought for civil service reforms in order to combat corruption in the federal government. In the short term, this effort to create domestic change wasn’t a success, but resulted in regaining the presidential power of appointment, and was the primary factor in the passage of the Pendleton Service Act of 1883. Given that Hayes succeeded Grant whose presidency was filled with fraudulent activities involving his cabinet, the…

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  • Public Administration Dichotomy Analysis

    For years, two of the greatest ideologies of American government have constantly intersected with each other. The separation of powers formed the foundation of the American Constitution. While the politics/administration dichotomy was the instrument that scholars used to solve the complex issues created by the law of the land. Laurence J. O 'Toole, Jr. (1987) is his article, Doctrines and Developments: Separation of Powers, the Politics-Administration Dichotomy, and the Rise of the…

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  • Presidents During The Gilded Age

    Mexico to strengthen the border security. James A. Garfield’s domestic accomplishments were that he began the post office department notorious rings reform and in his foreign accomplishments he planned a pan American conference with Latin American states. Chester A. Arthur domestic accomplishments include when he signed the Pendleton civil service reform act and took charge of the United States navy. Some of the foreign accomplishments during his presidency were that he wanted to lower tariffs…

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  • Progressive Era Reformers

    Efforts for social reform by muckrackers and Progressive Era reformers were responsible for their present-day social developments and closely associated with today’s socioeconomic standings. As a nation, which was founded upon the ambition and need for social-environment modifications, the United States continually brings forth change and improvement. Muckrackers and Progressive Era reformers were the voice and advocate of the people. Their efforts, though some unsuccessful, were influential in…

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  • Bureaucratic Discretion In Public Administration

    changed in 1883 with the approval of the Pendleton Civil Service Reform Act which established that federal government jobs would be award based on merit and not political affiliation. For the first time the federal government had the ability to hire experts in the field and remove those who appointed solely on political affiliation. Once again in 1946 the Administrative Procedure Act radically changed the way administrative agencies were governed. This act established that federal agencies are…

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  • Progressive Era Dbq

    The years from 1901-1921 were known as the Progressive Era. During this time, many reforms and ideas began to take place, restarting America domestically and internationally. When observing this period, it is important to realize the large impact that the accomplishments of the presidents of the era had on their nation and constituents. When ranking the “progressiveness” of these men, Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, and Woodrow Wilson, it is necessary to look at their accomplishments in…

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  • Selection Process

    The recruitment and selection process is by far one of the most important human resource processes. Due to its importance, there have been several attempts at the creation of effective, yet efficient selection processes. The human resource management functionality has undergone a series of changes; prior to 1981, selection relied heavily on centralized testing which allowed the process to be very straight forward. However, through the introduction of government mandated examinations, much like…

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